Attention: How Many Squares Are There In The Picture?

Quizzes help your brain to stay active and your mental focus to stay on point. Such as a muscle, your brain needs regular training for attention, perception, and memory. So why not have fun while working it out at the same time? 

Take a look at the picture below: It contains a number of squares - but how many? Try not to peak, as we have put the solution down below. Let's see if you can manage to find them within 60 seconds. Let's start the clock...

How many squares do you see?

If you are ready to check your result, scroll down to see the solution. But no peeking! =)


The correct answer is: 11 squares.

Did you get the right solution without peeking? How long did it take you to figure it out? Challenge your friends as well and see if they are able to find the right solution. Pass this fun quiz on to them and tell us, how long it took you to solve the puzzle in the comments.