Attention Be careful if you notice THIS in your car door As easy as that one can steal your car

Jan 07, 2016 by apost team

Car thieves have come up with a new method to steal your car. All they need is a coin. Everybody should be aware of this new trick because this criminal trend is spreading all over Europe right now. This effective trick works on many different cars, so you need to protect yourself and your car from it.

Therefore, you should really pay attention to the following when you park your car somewhere: Do you spot a coin or another solid object in your door handle? If that should be the case, immediately remove it. If a coin or something similar is stuck in your door knob and leaves it slightly opened, it will prevent your central locking system from locking your car. Thus, your car will be unlocked although you've locked it. This trick is frequently used on the passenger door and the tailgate.

The sneaky part of this method is that the thieves won't even need any tools to unlock your car later on. They can easily access your valuable objects through the door or even steal the whole car. It's an easy catch for reckless criminals.

This trick is used widely, especially at gas station. Those criminals work super fast so that no one really notices them or their actions.

After testing this theft method on various car brands and models, it has become clear that this trick works on almost every car. This is a serious threat!

Be careful and watch out for this. Please check if there are any foreign objects stuck in your car doors before you hit the road! Share this report with your friends and family so that they can be safe, too!