At 77, Goldie Hawn Looks Gorgeous In Video As Her Iconic Smile Remains The Most Loved Feature By Her Fans

May 31, 2023 by apost team

Goldie Hawn is a beaming ray of sunshine in Hollywood. The 77-year-old actress has been gracing screens since the late 1960s when she first impressed audiences with her televised comedy sketch program as well as playing a supporting role in the Academy Award-winning “Cactus Flower.” She followed this by appearing in many beloved movies throughout the next few decades and continues to work in the entertainment industry to this day.

Meanwhile, off-screen, her enduring nearly 40-year-long relationship with Kurt Russell, 72, has warmed the hearts of fans all over the world. Their adorable and loving relationship is evidently sweet, with the obvious affection they have for each other more akin to a group of teenage sweethearts than a couple that’s been together for 39 years and counting.

While the couple continued working prolifically in Hollywood after they got together, they also placed a lot of importance on family. Their blended family consists of children they each brought to their union from previous marriages, as well as one son they had together. In fact, three of their four children actually followed their famous parents’ footsteps and ventured into the acting industry.

Since then, Hawn has been a very well-loved celebrity in Hollywood. Her vibrant personality and kindness transcend through screens as she gives importance to a very important cause. In a photo uploaded on her Instagram page, Hawn shared valuable insight about mental health that she has been very passionate about. Although she wanted to focus more on her advocacy, Hawn’s fans could not help but notice her most admirable feature yet – her smile! Keep on reading to know more about Hawn’s advocacy and the lovely comments of her loving and supportive fans. 

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Goldie Hawn (2017), (Vera Anderson/WireImage via Getty Images)

Hawn started The Goldie Hawn Foundation, which helps children focus on education by providing emotional and social learning programs to aid them along the way. The foundation’s focus is to help children feel less pressured and stressed by outside factors in their lives so they are better able to focus on their education and build a strong future for themselves.

The main program associated with The Goldie Hawn Foundation is MindUP. According to the MindUP website, the program is based on neuroscience and works to give “children the knowledge and tools they need to manage stress, regulate emotions and face the challenges of the 21st century with optimism, resilience and compassion.” 

A message from Hawn left on the site depicts her reasoning behind starting the program. She believes that children are the foundation for creating a better tomorrow. In order to help make the future better, children need to be given access to resources to help them learn how to cope with their negative feelings and actions.

In October 2022, Hawn shared an Instagram video in which she donned a black bodysuit while effortlessly doing her workout routine for the organization's "Keep Your Mind Up Monday" series.

She encouraged her followers to do physical exercises such as jumping on a trampoline and using large wine bottles as an alternative for dumbbells. She then told her followers to go for a walk and said it’s one of the most important things people can do as a form of exercise. Lastly, she asked her followers to take a deep breath, relax and thank themselves for prioritizing their well-being. In the caption, Hawn shared with her followers the importance of exercising regularly. 

“Research shows that people who exercise regularly have better mental health and emotional well-being,” she wrote.

Goldie Hawn (2017), (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

On May 28, 2023, the mental health advocate posted another reminder for her beautiful fans. Beaming with a big smile and wearing a blue tank top that says “Be Kind To Your Mind,” Hawn advised her followers to do an important thing that she has been doing for so long. 

“Remember that even if you don't feel like it, smile,” she reminded her fans. “Right? Because when you smile your brain smiles, too. What's going on in your brain when you smile even though you don't feel like it? It thinks it's really a happier brain and we wanna get a happy brain!”

At 77, Hawn’s presence and smile have delighted her fans and followers worldwide. The comment section was filled with the actress’ fans adoring her and promises to heed her advice. 

“Well, when I see your face- I smile! And that smile makes me feel better!” one wrote. 

“Thank you for your message Goldie! Loved you since the 70s. So cute and funny and kind. My 3 favorites,” another echoed. 

“Goldie, your smile always makes my mind feel happy and makes me smile!! Thanks for this morning's message, blessings and health and happiness to you and everyone!” a fan shared. 

“Thx for the beautiful message! I’m all in on that tshirt, smiles, laughter, breath & sleep! Laughter is my fave breath tool!” someone commented. 

“Love your Tank top. You always look so beautiful. Thank you for these message reminders. I love them. They help me alot. I appreciate you taking your time to share these messages. Sending a smile and friendly hug your way,” another thanked. 

Even actress Ali Wentworth left a comment, telling her friend how her smile also makes her smile too: “Well, when I see your face — I smile! And that smile makes me feel better!” 

Are you a fan of Goldie Hawn? Isn’t her smile infectious? What can you say about her advocacy and reminders to her fans? Do you think it’s effective? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends and other loved ones!

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