At 74, Richard Gere’s Eldest Son Homer Looks Like His Model Mom In Rare Public Outing At Cannes Film Festival

May 22, 2024 by apost team

American actor Richard Gere, 74, has been a leading man in Hollywood since he began appearing in films in the 1970s. Although he’s been in many major films over the last decades, two of his best-known roles are as Edward Lewis in “Pretty Woman,” where he played a rich playboy from New York who falls in love with a Hollywood prostitute portrayed by Julia Roberts, and as lawyer Billy Flynn in the hit musical “Chicago.”

Richard was nominated for Golden Globe Awards for both roles and while he missed out on winning the award for “Pretty Woman,” he landed the Best Actor Award for “Chicago” in 2003.

These days, Richard isn’t as prominent in Hollywood as he once was, but despite not being in the spotlight as much, he left a major mark on Tinseltown.

Moreover, along with the praise for his long list of critically acclaimed movies, the actor has always been an outspoken activist. He’s spoken publicly about human rights violations in Tibet and boycotted the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is also a recipient of the Medal of Gratitude, an honor bestowed upon him by the Albanian president in 2012 for his contributions toward unmasking the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo in 1999. 

Aside from his outstanding success in the entertainment industry, Richard was also known for being a family man. Most notably, the actor brought out his doting wife and eldest son, Homer, at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. 

On social media, people praised Homer because of his dashing looks and how he significantly resembled her mother, Carey Lowell. Keep reading to learn more about Richard, Homer, and what people say about the budding filmmaker online. 

Early Life And Career

Richard Gere (2017), (IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency)

After Richard’s marriage to celebrity model Cindy Crawford, they divorced in 1995. Shortly after that time, he met Lowell. In 2000, they welcomed their first child, Homer, who was presumably named after Richard’s father of the same name. 

While allegedly Richard was reluctant to have children with Crawford, things were different when he met Lowell. Lowell, already with a child from a prior relationship, would never discuss any issue regarding starting a family with Richard. Stating it was “spontaneous” and “right” during a report to The Guardian in 2002, things seemed to be up and up. Gere said in the interview:

“It was actually quite simple. I never had an issue about children one way or the other. With Carey, she had a child from a previous marriage, and it was just a natural thing, caring for this child, having our own child. It was totally spontaneous and right."

The publication asked Gere about ways that fatherhood could spark change within a man, and he responded by stating:

"The marginal stuff just doesn't affect you any more when you weigh it against the real things in your life. All the cliches [about parenthood] are true."

Citing his own father, Homer Gere, as his inspiration in becoming a compassionate dad to his children, Richard said at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala, as reported by Closer Weekly:

"If he didn’t have money, it was a smile or an embrace or whatever he had to help out, and that was around me the whole time I was growing up."

Homer was thrust into the limelight early, as his parents were famous celebrities whose children always faced much scrutiny and press coverage.

Richard Gere, Homer James Jigme Gere (2009), (IMAGO / ZUMA Wire)

On many occasions, Richard has spoken fondly of Homer to the press. In an interview with The Times, he described his son as "very sweet, very sensitive," and "very smart."

"He's smarter than me, stronger than me, faster than me, taller than me, better than me. He's great. I love him," Richard added, noting that the actor would do anything for his family.

Richard told The Hindustan Times that he considers his time away from his son to be a deciding factor when he signs a project. 

“My film decisions are mostly mine, but I’m very careful about not being away from my son, Homer James Jigme Gere, for very long. So, if I have to be away for long I talk to him about it, and if there is a problem, I don’t take up the project. And I have done that. Your family is more important than anything,” he revealed. 

Unbeknownst to many, Richard isn’t like other actors who enjoy watching themselves on the big screen. He admitted to Vanity Fair Spain that he hadn’t seen many of his movies, and the same was true for Homer. He added that his son couldn’t grasp that he’s a big star apart from being his father. 

"He doesn't understand it," Richard confessed. "And it is also very difficult for him to see me on the screen because even if I play an extreme character, I am still his father and it is difficult for him to get into the story."

However, the father and son have since shared common ground – they’re both interested in films.

"As it happens, he just started acting too. He has suddenly become interested and seems to enjoy it. He's been writing and directing little movies, so we have this new thing in common,” he added. 

Richard Gere, Carey Lowell (2007), (IMAGO / Xinhua)

What better way to introduce his son to the wonderful world of filmmaking and entertainment than to take him to one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world? Richard brought Homer and his wife, Alejandra Silva, to a rare public outing at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. 

Homer, who has already towered over his father, looked dapper in his tuxedo—twinning with his dashing 74-year-old father, who donned a similar outfit. Silva, who has two young kids with Richard, looked mesmerizing in her black gown with pink floral details. 

On social media, many widely praised Homer because of his looks. 

“Handsome they Both are!!! Beautiful family..💖❤️a forever fan of Richard Gere,” one said on Facebook

"His son is gorgeous!” another gushed, echoing another fan who said, “Wow his son is so good looking!” 

Similar comments about Homer’s handsome looks flooded social media upon publishing his photos from the Cannes Film Festival. Moreover, many people have pointed out that Homer resembled her mother greatly. 

"Homer looks just like his mom," one commented, agreeing with another fan’s similar post: "The son’s [a] spitting image of his mom."

“Homer looks a lot like his beautiful Mom….,” another wrote. “Homer looks like his gorgeous mom, Carey Lowell.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Homer isn’t just good-looking; he’s also a dedicated student at Brown University. He has been working as a Research Assistant at the Brown University School of Public Health's Therapeutic Neuroscience Lab. At the same time, he’s finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Visual Art. 

Richard Gere, Homer James Jigme Gere (2024), (IMAGO / ABACAPRESS)

Are you a fan of Richard Gere? What can you say about his son, Homer? Do you agree that he looks like his mother, Carey Lowell? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends, and other Richard Gere fans out there!

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