At 65, Andie MacDowell Proves Gray Hair Can Elevate Makeup-Free Styles & Red Carpet Looks

May 26, 2023 by apost team

Since her days as a leading lady in Hollywood in the 1990s, actress Andie MacDowell has been famed just as much for her charm and acting abilities as for her gorgeous looks. A former model turned actress, MacDowell dominated the silver screen at the time in movies such as "Groundhog Day," "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Green Card" and "Multiplicity." Her signature dark curly hair and warm smile were her two most well-known features.

Now aged 65, MacDowell looks a little different these days after she embraced her gray hair during the pandemic. Still incredibly gorgeous and working as a spokesperson for L'Oréal, she's made it her mission to prove to society that beauty is not defined by age and that while our features might change as we get older, it doesn't make us any less beautiful. 

In fact, her recent change to gray hair has become rather trendy, with other notable celebrities including Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne ditching the dye in favor of their natural gray. Even non-celebrities are embracing the change, with influencers on TikTok and Instagram inspiring other women to embrace their natural hair.

MacDowell first debuted her natural gray curls in the summer of 2021 at the premiere of "Annette" in Cannes. MacDowell later told The Zoe Report she’d been wanting to go “au naturel” for years since she started dyeing her hair in her 40s. 

“I think women are tired of the idea that you can’t get old and be beautiful,” she told the publication. “Men get old and we keep loving them. And I want to be like a man. I want to be beautiful and I don’t want to screw with myself to be beautiful.”

Andie MacDowell (2022), (Victor Boyko/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images for L'Oréal Paris)

Despite this, MacDowell still had doubts about going fully natural. “I was scared that people would be mean,” she continued, explaining to The Zoe Report, and added, “I read all the comments.”

Much to her surprise, the public embraced her new style and praised her for going against the grain.

“We evolve and we age, and this is part of the process ... Aging is not about losing your beauty,” she told NPR.

During an appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show," the actress recounted a story about how her new silver hair has made her feel. She said: 

“I went to the grocery store. And I saw a man there ... a silver fox guy. You know, a guy that you register and go, 'Oh, he's a silver fox.' And I immediately just put my shoulders back and I was like, 'And so am I.' We both just shot a look to each other. I was like, 'I'm a silver fox.' So that's where I am right now."

MacDowell also opened up to Barrymore about having considered plastic surgery and having had botox once, but since then, she's declined cosmetic work on her face as she prefers leaning into natural beauty. She said:

"I think aging is something that you either have to decide that you like it or you don't. It's a choice ... I like that people are comfortable with me getting older. I think that's an important message for all of us that we get older and we are beautiful." 

MacDowell has continued to radiate positivity about aging and beauty. Now, she has proved she really is walking the talk — literally — by taking to the runway at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Andie MacDowell (2022), (Kristy Sparow/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images for L'Oréal Paris)

On Oct. 2, 2022, MacDowell strutted her stuff — gray hair and all — down the catwalk for L’Oréal Paris’ “Le Défilé Walk Your Worth” show in the French capital. The “Town and Country” actress was dressed in a dazzling single-strap sequined evening gown, complete with a dramatic feathered trim. In true MacDowell fashion, she lit up the runway with her fierce, fun and confident energy for the brand that she has represented since 1986.

L’Oréal Paris is more than aware of the exuberance MacDowell brings to their campaigns, posting a close-up shot of their spokesperson on Instagram and her gray curls in all their glory.

“Walk your worth like you mean it. @andiemacdowell knows that every step counts,” the caption read.

MacDowell’s own Instagram feed is full of photographs and magazine covers of her rocking her gray locks with pride. Back on Aug. 1, 2022, MacDowell shared photos from her cover shoot for The Sunday Times Style. Alongside her gorgeous pictures, MacDowell also shared some touching words of inspiration.

“As we age, we deserve dignity & pride! We deserve to feel glorious! I’ve always said there’s no expiration date on beauty … The last thing we need is our culture or people making us feel shame for getting older,” the caption read.

“This is our time to feel our most positive emotions and feelings about ourselves. We’ve worked hard and we deserve it! Love yourself and lift others up,” she continued.

We’re absolutely loving MacDowell in all her natural glory and can’t wait to see just how far her positivity will take her and how many women she’ll inspire to embrace their natural beauty.

Andie MacDowell (2023), (Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

MacDowell once again showed women the world over that it’s more than okay to embrace one’s natural looks and age. On May 23, 2023, the star flaunted her natural good looks and gray hair at the 76th edition of the annual Cannes Film Festival in the south of France. 

The 65-year-old was spotted going completely bare-faced with her gray curls pulled into a low bun that she later let loose at the famed La Majestic hotel. She sported a chic outfit perfect for her Spring look that comprised an airy, white midi dress with stripes running down. Open at the neck, she also used an accompanying strand of cloth to cinch in her waist. She paired the understated yet stylish look with a pair of brown wedges, perfect for promenading along the city’s famed Riviera. To top it off, MacDowell finished off the outfit with a fashionable pair of oversized black sunglasses. MacDowell proved she definitely knows how to work it even without layers of makeup on her face or an effortful blowout!

She later swapped out the casual look for something a touch more glamorous for the festival’s red carpet. MacDowell wore a brown, long-sleeved satin dress gathered at the neck with a ribbon that flowed behind her dramatically. Also cinched at the waist, the skirts flowed down to the floor and showed off the actress’s stunning trim figure. Elevating the look further was her gorgeous gray hair, which she styled swept to the side and gathered in a loose updo that allowed romantic curls to sweep the sides of her face. 

It’s clear MacDowell is whole-heartedly walking the talk about wanting to age naturally and gracefully. We can’t wait to see what looks the actress serves next but we’re sure it’ll be nothing less than sensational!

Andie MacDowell (2023), (Jacopo Raule/GC Images via Getty Images)

Don’t you just love the way Andie MacDowell is rocking her natural gray curls? Who would you like to see embrace their true hair color in Hollywood? Let us know and be sure to pass this on to all your beautiful friends and family too!

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