At 63, Fashion Influencer Mom Reveals How She Looks & Feels Younger

Sep 18, 2023 by apost team

An unlikely social media sensation is rewriting fashion rules, where youth is often exalted. The name Gym Tan may not immediately conjure images of a fashion influencer, but that's precisely what she is — a 63-year-old fashionista breaking the mold and inspiring people of all ages.

From her Northern California home, Gym Tan, a bona fide TikTok star, is challenging stereotypes, proving that style transcends age. Her presence on the internet is instilling confidence in women who fear the passage of time and aging. With nearly a quarter of a million TikTok followers, this 63-year-old fitness enthusiast has become a model of positivity and self-expression. 

Tan's journey towards becoming a TikTok sensation started unconventionally. She spent over three decades in the fashion industry, nurturing a genuine love for fashion. But when she traded bustling Hong Kong for the laid-back vibes of "casual California," her career took a back seat. That is, until her 23-year-old daughter, Mya Miller, stepped in with an unexpected proposition.

Miller, herself embarking on a career as a content creator, encouraged her mother to share her unique fashion sense on TikTok. Tan created a fashion account on the video-sharing platform in 2021. Initially, it was a creative outlet and became a digital diary of Tan's classic and understated outfits. Little did the mother and daughter duo know that this leap of faith would catapult Tan into instant viral stardom.

After three weeks of sharing clips, Tan's TikTok followers grew to 10,000. In 2022, when she became a full-time content creator, her online followers ballooned to over 140,000 people, according to Insider. As of September 2023, Tan has nearly 250,000 followers and 4.3 million likes. The majority of her followers are Gen Z.

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What sets Tan apart isn't just her age; it's her timeless sense of style and her magnetic charisma. Her TikTok videos, showcasing her effortlessly glamorous outfits, always end with an adorable snap that has won her countless admirers. 

One of Tan's breakthrough moments came when she posted a video in July 2022 donning the same form-fitting black dress as a much younger influencer. The video, which garnered 1.6 million views, struck a chord with viewers and received an outpouring of praise. 

But the stylish mother's mission goes beyond flaunting her impeccable style. She's on a quest to spread an inspiring message that, “Age is just a number.”  Together with Miller, Tan started posting videos showing off their matching outfits — ranging from bikinis to sexy dresses and cozy sweats — and the response has been resoundingly positive.

When she celebrated her birthday on Sept. 7, 2023, Tan made another video to reiterate her belief in aging and revealed her secret to why she looks younger.

"I said it before that I actually think I look younger this year than I did last year," she said. "So I think what is keeping me looking younger is not thinking about my age." 

"But more than that, just focus on what makes you happy. Focus on what makes you feel good." 

While Tan's content attracts all ages, her real impact lies in inspiring others to cast aside their fears of aging. 

“At the end of the day, when I think about why I’m really doing this, it’s to remind myself and everyone that style and beauty have no age," Tan told Harper's Bazaar in August 2023. "Life really can and does get better, and I’m in my best era. In fact, I’m feeling younger than when I started.”

Isn’t Gym Tan a living testament that life can indeed get better with age? Do you love her style? What can you say about her outlook on life? If you’re inspired by her confidence, tell friends and family about her! 

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