Artist Christopher Hopkins Gives Divorcee Stunning Makeover

Oct 13, 2021 by apost team

All women enjoy being beautiful, but sometimes in life things can get in the way of feeling our best. Some people spend too much time comparing themselves with others. Others do not feel beautiful because they are always paying attention to small imperfections in themselves that, let's be honest, we all have.

It's often in transitional periods of our lives that women don't always feel they look their best — whether that's during puberty, early adulthood, or even during menopause. One of the times in life that a woman can feel most uncomfortable about herself is right after she gets separated from her spouse. Breakups and divorce aren't easy for anyone, but when simply getting through the day can be so difficult, it's understandable why some women feel they don't have the time to focus on their appearance. Unfortunately, neglecting oneself can lead to a negative self-image, which in turn can become a vicious cycle that can be hard to get out of.

That was the case for one 48-year-old woman named Heather. Hailing from Amarillo, Texas, Heather had recently gone through a divorce and subsequently neglected her appearance. This led her to feel rather down about herself, which is not uncommon for people going through a breakup. So she decided to call in the experts for help, namely The Makeover Guy. Known for transforming women over a certain age and giving them a new lease on life, The Makeover Guy was able to help Heather and bring back some much-needed positive reinforcement in her newly single life.

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Divorce is a common thing in life and can be hard on the ones going through it. Everything changes after a divorce. One thing that can be especially hard about divorce is wondering about all that you may have done wrong. This kind of pondering can seriously hurt your self-esteem.

One woman recently was going through precisely that. 48-year-old Heather from Amarillo, Texas, got ready to go through a divorce. It was an unpleasant time for her in which she totally gave up on herself. While unfortunate that she wasn't putting herself and her best interests first in her life, it's quite understandable why someone wouldn't focus on something seemingly superficial as their appearance after a divorce. But keeping up one's physical appearance isn't a total waste of time — how we look often influences how we feel and how we are perceived by others. Updating one's appearance can have truly transformative results and deeply affect one's life. Heather was finally ready for that kind of major change.

After getting sick of seeing herself with gray hair in the mirror and not knowing what to do with her makeup, she decided that she needed to do something radical. That is why she decided to visit Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, in his center in Minneapolis. Hopkins is popular on social media with his drastic makeovers of people who seem to have given up on their physical appearance. He makes sure that the people who come to him look great and feel like a different person afterward.

In the video that documents Heather's transformation, she speaks candidly about herself and her appearance. Explaining how divorce is a major life change, after deciding to pay Hopkins a visit, she leaned into letting her appearance go even more so that "he had as much to work with as possible." Pre-makeover, Heather is clearly a gorgeous woman. She has beautiful blue eyes and a lovely smile, while her long gorgeous hair, which has gone grey, is simply lacking the vibrancy to complement her skin tone. When she was young she says it was "copper-penny red," but it has faded as she got older. We can only imagine how gorgeous that color would have looked on her!

Heather then explains that she just wants Hopkins to do whatever will look the best on her — it's not often that he's given carte blanche by the women who come to see him, as often they don't want to cut their hair short or something of the like. But Heather knows that he is the professional and only has her best interests at heart.

When he asked Heather what she did not want to see in her makeover, the only thing she could say is "ugly." She completely entrusted her look to the skilled hands of the Makeover Guy. It's when Hopkins is given free reign that he creates some of his best work. We're sure he had a wonderful time thinking up just how he could work with Heather's natural beauty and bring out something that perhaps even she did not know she had within her.

Hopkins cut Heather's long and dry gray hair to the chin. The gray was dyed to a light auburn color that was close to Heather's original hair color. Simply doing this took years off of her appearance. He put on makeup from the warm palette on her skin and eyes.

It was instantly clear how different Heather felt after having been made over when she exclaimed: "I feel incredible. I have never felt this attractive ever in my life." Noting that her blue eyes now sparkled, the joy in her disposition was evident. She went on to talk about not realizing she had been using the wrong colors on herself her entire life, but as we've seen, it's never too late to do something special for yourself that will have a profound impact on how you look and feel. 

Heather was completely satisfied with the results she got from her makeover.

"I think he kind of nailed it," she said. "I feel sexy."

This makeover will definitely give her the boost that she needs to get through the divorce. When life gets busy, many of us focus on the big picture and simply try to make it through the day, but Heather's story shows that if we just take a little bit of time for ourselves, the impact on our mood, self-esteem, and even how well we can achieve things is remarkable. And that's the beauty of The Makeover Guy because while he works in a seemingly superficial industry, the way he changes lives is simply amazing.

What do you think of Heather's transformation? Do you agree that a makeover can change the way one feels about going through something like a divorce? Make sure your friends who may have reached a similar point in their lives will see this!

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