Army Servicewoman Rescues Older Dog Who Spent Seven Years In A Shelter

Can you imagine being stuck in a shelter for seven years? Just think of the disappointment watching other dogs being taken to their forever homes, with your own luck never changing.

That was Pirate's story for seven years, as she lived in a shelter in Oahu, Hawaii without ever being chosen to become part of somebody's family. However, that all changed when army servicewoman Jennifer Hoyt saw something in Pirate and was determined to take her home; Pirate's story now has a happy ending!

She had been in an animal shelter in Hawaii for so long that she’d become emotionally unattached. Her little heart had been broken repeatedly; in a very human manner, she’d learned to tune out the world around her, to prevent further disappointment.

Pirate’s luck changed for the better when a military servicewoman named Jennifer Hoyt paid the shelter a visit. Hoyt was heartbroken upon seeing Pirate. Speaking with The Dodo, Jennifer explained:

"She looked so sad. She just looked through people...It broke my heart."

Determined to heal Pirate and prepare her for a better life, Jennifer Hoyt began to visit regularly. She brought Pirate a comfortable bed to sleep in and gave the dog toys to play with, trying to convince Pirate that she was a friend. Over time, and after many visits to the shelter, a bond began to grow between Jennifer and Pirate.

Then one day, when Pirate finally crept out of her shell, Jennifer knew that she was going to take the dog home with her. They had spent hours together, becoming the best of friends, and the servicewoman couldn’t imagine life without Pirate.

When she brought Pirate home, it took some time for the dog to trust Jennifer’s fiancé; however, everything did work out, and they’re now a very happy family. Now called Pirate Marie, the service dog has remembered how to smile, and her lonely days in the shelter are far behind her.

We wish all shelter dogs had such happy endings. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for a dog to find a forever home. We encourage you to consider adoption because owning a pet can bring joy to your life; a dog will become the energy of your house, a faithful friend, and a loving protector.

Let us know what you thought of Pirate's moving story down below. Pass this on to someone who’s thinking about adopting a dog from the shelter. It’s sure to help make up their mind!