Arizona Man Spots Spider-Scorpion Hybrid

Sep 22, 2020 by apost team

Spiders are one of the most commonly misunderstood creatures in the world. While spiders might appear scary due to their fearsome visage and eight legs, they are of great benefit to the environment. Spiders are natural insect hunters, helping to control pest populations around the globe.

Individuals who fear spiders have what is known as arachnophobia, and an arachnophobe would certainly be terrified of the following story of when an Arizona resident came upon what looked to be a spider-scorpion hybrid in 2017.

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Thomas Acosta from Phoenix, Arizona, went viral in 2017 when he took pictures of a strange-looking spider skulking around his house. The man was shocked by the animal’s bizarre appearance, having never seen anything like it in his 37 years as a resident of the Grand Canyon State, reports ABC 15. While thinking that others would also be amazed by the way the creature looked, he also hoped that someone would be able to identify it.

After consulting with an exterminator, Thomas was able to determine that his uninvited guest was a camel spider. Also known as a wind scorpion, the camel spider has traits of both spiders and scorpions and also belongs to the same class of animal: the Arachnid. Among the class's most interesting physical attributes are pinchers and a jaw, which you find in scorpions, and eight legs, which are the hallmark of spiders. However, the Arachnid class is further divided into different orders of animals. Spiders make up their own in this class, as do scorpions. And these crawlies, which form their own order, are called "Solifugae." You could say they are cousins to spiders and scorpions!

Many who are unfamiliar with arachnids might think that the camel spider has ten legs, but two of its appendages are actually chelicerae, reports DesertUSA. In males, chelicerae transfers sperm to the reproductive system of females. The camel spider also has one of the largest jaw-to-body ratios in the animal kingdom. Once fully grown, camel spiders have been known to hunt birds, rodents, and lizards.

While Thomas was happy to hear that camel spiders are not poisonous and usually do not bother human beings, he nevertheless hired the exterminator to remove it from his home. Later speaking with reporters from ABC 15, Thomas said that he feared that it might harm his elderly pet.

What do you think of how this man discovered a camel spider living in his home? How would you react if you ever saw such a large spider in your home? Let us know and be sure to pass this fascinating story on to friends and family members.

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