Aries, Leo, Scorpio And Gemini Are The Four Aggressive Zodiac Signs

Who doesn't know someone who blows their fuse at a moment's notice and is ready to get angry about everything? Maybe even you thought that some people need to be kept at a certain distance, as they just seem to have such an aggressive aura?

Yes, such people are everywhere and often there is a reason why they are like this. Certain traits - as for example aggression - can be shaped by zodiac signs.

You can find out in this article which zodiac signs should be handled with extra caution.

1. The Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Nobody is evil at birth, but some people tend to react more aggressively. One of these is the Aries. Because of their enormous ambition, Aries are constantly competing for everything. If they don't win something or get something they want, they may react a bit aggressively. This isn't meant to be taken negatively, though. If you know someone who's an Aries, you know this strong will can often lead to lots of success - especially career-wise.

Aries' manage quite often to intimidate the people around them with their aggressive stance. Maybe you've also been described as very intimidating? If so, then your zodiac sign may be the reason why. Unfortunately, this trait doesn't really help you in matters of the heart. If you're especially unlucky, it may even drive off potential partners.

2. The Gemini (21 May - 21 June)

People born under the sign of the Gemini are often thought of as charming and communicative. But they also have another side and can be unpredictable. You may be very confident, but this can lead you to order around the people around you - which you may not even notice. So if you're a Gemini and often ask yourself why others think you're unfriendly, this may be the reason why.

It may help you to reign in your temper a little. You may even show your other, more caring side a bit more often.

3. The Leo (23 July - 21 August)

The zodiac sign Leo is one of the fire signs - so their temperament is especially fiery. You may be warmhearted at the most times and show your sunny side, but if something doesn't go your way or you're not the center of attention, your other side shows. Especially if you notice certain competition or aren't recognized for your deeds, your temper may fly and you turn into a ferocious predator.

You're not something to joke about. Maybe you should try getting a hold of your temper, so your fellow humans won't be unnecessarily scared of you.

4. The Scorpio (24 October - 22 November)

Scorpios can be irritable fellows and hard to handle. If you're not in a good mood, you can be extremely touchy and even come across as threatening to others. Another reason why you're often angry is your nearly endless jealousy.

Scorpios can also be very devious, so you should be careful not to challenge them unnecessarily.

Zodiac signs can say a lot about how people are. If you are also an aggressive person, this may be because you were born under a certain sign and given this trait. So it may be the time to think a bit about your temper and reign it in a little bit. Show this article to your friends so they can read something about their signs as well!