Are You Sensitive To The Moon?

So what exactly is moon sensitivity? It is a phrase invented by astrological communities that refer to Cancers and Pisces. These two Zodiac signs are said to have a relationship with the moon, sharing a connection with it that affects their life. Even if your Zodiac sign isn't a Cancer or Pisces, you may be affected by the intensity of the moon's light. In fact, you may not realize the moon is even affecting your body. People who aren't Cancers or Pisces just aren't as aware of the effect the moon has on their body.

The moon can change your mood, emotions, and many other parts of our lives. There are a variety of ways to understand what effects the moon has on your body. For example, you can purchase a moon calendar and keep track of how you feel and write down which cycle the moon is in when these feelings manifest.

Below are a few ways for you to tell how moon sensitive you are without needing to spend months writing down your emotions and the moon cycles.

Do You Sleep Well?

Whether or not you fall asleep and stay asleep has good bearing on whether or not you are moon sensitive. When the moon is full, you may find yourself restless, wanting for adventure. These problems may even occur days before the moon is full; however, these feelings will be at their strongest during a full moon.

If you are up and about late at night during a full moon, you may experience the opposite effect when the moon isn't in the sky. If you randomly feel pooped, check and see what time of the month it is. If the moon is a crescent or completely gone from the sky you may be a victim of the moon.

When Does Your Mind Feel Groggy?

Do you go through phases where you feel groggy or confused? This could be a sign that you are moon sensitive. You may also feel stressed out at certain parts of the month. It all depends on the cycle of the moon and how moon sensitive you really are. This differs from feeling exhausted around a new moon. Instead of feeling tired, you may feel like you have no control of your life at certain times of the month.

Do You Lose Control Of Your Emotions?

Emotions and mood are different for everyone, but certain emotions manifest themselves at certain times of the month. As previously mentioned, by watching the cycle of the moon and recording your emotions, you will be able to tell if you are moon sensitive or not. One of the most common times for your emotions to burst through, escaping your control, is during an eclipse. Both a lunar and solar eclipse can have incredible effects on your body if you are moon sensitive.

How Often Do Your Deepest Desires Change?

If from month to month your goals change, you may be moon sensitive. The moon is constantly changing in intensity all through-out the year. August's red moon has a different effect than the strawberry moon of June. You may notice that your goals change from month to month unexpectedly. Something you were passionate about in January may not even be on your radar come April. If this is the case it is a surefire sign you are sensitive to the moon.

Do You Frequently Have New Ideas?

Usually this will happen around a new moon: ideas will blossom. A new moon is the time for thinking and not acting. This is when, as a moon sensitive person, you will make plans.

Tell us and everyone you know whether you are moon sensitive or not. In fact, tell us what other symptoms you have if you are a moon, sensitive person.