Anxious Dog Mom Helps Rescuers Dig To Save Puppies Trapped Under Rubble

Oct 30, 2020 by apost team

In 2019, a stray mom dog in India led rescuers from Animal Aid to where her puppies were buried and they got them out.

In these trying times, we can all use a good pick-me-up story and this is it! Of course, it definitely did not start out that way. It seems a call was made to Animal Aid's rescuers about a dog that was frantically whining.

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When the rescuers found the dog, she led them to a home that had completely collapsed. It was nothing more than a pile of rubble. Considering the dog's condition, the rescuers assumed she was so frantically crying for her babies that might be under all the rubble, reports News18.

A Mother's Love

As this video begins, you can see the rescuers walking toward the anxious momma dog.

She is wagging her tail aggressively and the look in her eye is pleading with them to help her get to her babies. She runs to a certain corner in what's left of the house and the rescuers follow her. She begins to dig and bite at rocks in the area.

The rescuer begins removing large rocks and the dog nuzzles his hands as he removes rocks and returns for more. It's almost like she is encouraging him to keep helping her get to her babies. At this point, though, rescuers cannot be certain the babies are even alive.

At first glance of the rubble where a house once stood, you might wonder how anything could have lived through such an ordeal. Still, the rescue keeps going as momma dog nervously awaits.

Finally, it appears as if she has had enough of the waiting and wants to get in on the rescue. She jumps in front of the human and begins digging, biting, and pawing at the rocks and dirt. The rescuer continues to remove the larger rocks from the area.

Dog Gone It

Finally, the rescuer has to remove the dog so he can keep digging further. She cannot wait to get to the pups, however, and keeps jumping in front of him. Right when it feels like all hope is lost, a sound is heard.

Slight but definite puppy squeaks are emanating from the hole the rescuer and momma dog have been working on. The dog steps away from the hole slightly. The rescuer reaches in and pulls out a single, dirt and debris covered puppy.

It's alive! Momma dog is clearly excited as her first puppy is shown to her and handed off to another rescuer, but you can see she is still anxious. It is then that one of the rescuers pulls out another dirty puppy, also alive.

Happy Ending

Momma dog wants nothing more than to sit down and nurture her puppies, but it is evident she needs to be relocated to somewhere safer. The rescuers transport her and the puppies to a place down the street where she can relax, feed and console her puppies.

Animal Aid is planning to spay the momma dog once her pups have weaned to prevent an excess of stray pups. They rely on the generosity of donations to help with their mission.

Where are all your dog-loving friends and family who could use a quick pick-me-up? Pass this video along to them. If they are anything like us, they will quickly be all up in their feelings, too!

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