Anxious Cow Begs Man To Rescue Her Newborn Calf

Meet Flo. She is a gorgeous cow that calls a farm in Millbrook, Ontario home. Flo has everything a cow could ask for. Green grazing pastures, clean air, and cool ponds surround her. Flo also shares her paradise with several other cows and their newborn calves. In fact, Flo was pregnant too, but on the day she gave birth, tragedy struck.

She went into labor in a precarious position. Flo was situated on a downward slope that led to an electric fence. When she delivered her new calf, it slid down the bank and under the charged barrier. It was separated from its family but tried to return to them. The electric fence would not allow it to pass. The youngling had been there for a while. It seemed that all hope was lost.

That's when a man named Dave passed by. A herd of cows in the same field was cooling off in the pond. He stopped his vehicle to get out and record them. Afterward, he looked over and noticed Flo. She seemed upset, but he didn't understand why

Dave set his camera down and wondered what could have made her so angry. He knew that cows didn't usually act this way. She was stomping the dirt and making a lot of noise. Flo turned to look at Dave. It felt as though she was trying to say something to him. She was making noises that sounded like cries for help. He decided to try and get closer to find out what she needed. That's when he saw it.

Dave noticed that her newborn calf was laying in the grasses just feet away from the electric fence. A light bulb went off in his head. He wondered if Flo was crying for help or telling him to steer clear of her calf. Regardless, Dave decided that something should be done.

The calf needed to nurse, plus it was dangerously close to the road. He needed to figure out how to get the baby back under the fence. There was no gate in sight. What could be done?

He decided to try and push the calf back under the fence. To do so, he would have to lift the electric wires high enough for the calf to fit under. It appeared that the baby wanted to cooperate. As he pushed it under the fence, Dave worried that Flo would be upset by his actions. However, she seemed to understand what was going on.

Dave knew that contact with the fence would be inevitable. He continued pushing it underneath the wires. The calf was being shocked in the process and so was he. Hopefully, it wouldn't cry out in pain before he finished. He didn't want to alarm Flo. Finally, the calf was joyously reunited with its mother! They smelled one another and strolled into the open field.

Dave decided to go speak with the farmer and his wife. They had no idea what happened. He joined the farmers as the calf was tagged and treated. The baby received a once over and was completely healthy.

He continued to record Flo and her calf as they rejoined the other cows. They returned to Dave and gave him a sniff. It was as if they were saying thank you. Soon after, the calf began to nurse contently. It may have taken a minute for Dave to realize what was happening, but when he did it was apparent that Flo was troubled. She understood that Dave could help her save the baby. Her ability to communicate with him was astonishing.

Animals have a stronger ability to communicate than we know. They can be extremely intelligent and emotional. Flo was the perfect example of this. It is easy to see how much love she had for her new baby.

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