Antonio Banderas Brings The Heat With 'Phantom Of The Opera' Performance

Jul 31, 2020

Umpteen celebrities possess secret talents that never get recognition. Not surprisingly, Antonio Banderas is one such celebrity.

Banderas is often considered among Spain's best actors, as well as a Hollywood heartthrob for generations of swooning women. But as it turns out, there's a lot more to Antonio than his dashing good looks and acting ability; he's also an extraordinary singer – and he gives a killing performance with his rendition of Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall in London, England back in 1998.

Banderas has had extensive theater training, which requires the students to hone their singing skills. However, most people assume that Antonio's acting abilities would outshine his singing.

But that assumption is wrong. A video of his performance at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 50th birthday celebration leaves no doubt. In fact, based on the video, it’s obvious that Banderas could have a successful singing career. For the performance, Banderas must hold his own with highly acclaimed classical singers. He sings a duet from Phantom of the Opera with Sarah Brightman, one of Great Britain’s most acclaimed songwriters and classical singers.

Sarah Brightman has been a professional singer since 1973 and has performed in many Andrew Lloyd Webber productions. She's also performed with the likes of Andrea Bocelli, has had one of Europe’s best selling singles, and performed twice at an Olympics opening ceremony, her biography on reads.

Clearly, singing a duet with Sarah Brightman was an intimidating prospect, for even a professional singer. But while Antonio’s singing talent was virtually unknown, his fabulous performance wowed the audience. The video starts with the well-known organ piece from Phantom of the Opera, followed by Brightman walking onstage. She bursts out in a perfect soprano, hitting the lyrics perfectly.

Antonio Banderas then walks calmly and confidently onstage. Antonio bursts out in a flawless tenor, “Sing once again with me, our strange duet,” performing the verse amazingly well, singing the line, “The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind.”

It is quite possibly the best that line has ever been written.

For a spellbinding three minutes, Banderas and Brightman deliver a mesmerizing performance, harmonizing perfectly. The audience is not disappointed. Quite frankly, it’s a shame that Antonio hasn’t had the opportunity to sing more often during his career.

However, he has sung in movies, such as, in his supporting role in 2017's The Music of Silence. Regrettably, the movie received a zero percent score on the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes. Banderas also sang in 1996's Evita, with the legendary pop star Madonna. That film gained some positive reviews, with a 63% score.

Maybe there is a parallel universe in which Antonio Banderas has a singing career. Based on the video with Sarah Brightman, he could easily move into music if his acting gigs dry up. In this parallel universe, handsome Antonio scores as an internationally celebrated musician, and the gossip articles ask, “Yes, but did you know Antonio can also act?”

Antonio Banderas is such a gem and we are lucky to enjoy his acting as well as singing work. Let others know about this hidden talent. And tell us: Did you know Banderas could sing so well?