Ann-Margret Mourns Passing Of Her Husband Roger Smith But Believes Their "Great Love Story" Still Continues

Dec 16, 2019

The legendary actress Ann-Margret has been alone since the tragic passing of her husband, Roger Smith, but it seems that death has not completely torn them apart.

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The world learned the sad news in 2017 that the actor Roger Smith died at the age of 84. He was best known for his role in a television series called 77 Sunset Strip. Smith had been a major celebrity until 1980, the year that he received his tragic diagnosis of myasthenia gravis.

After his diagnosis, Smith stopped acting, but he remained active in his role of manager for Ann-Margret's career, and he was also involved in the production of some television shows. The death of Roger Smith occurred only one month after the couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. In a marriage that lasted so long, it must be difficult to bear the loss of someone who was so close for such a long time.

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The actress spoke to Closer Weekly about the beginning of her relationship with Roger. She said that she knew only after their third date that he was the one she wanted to marry. Their relationship continued to be a loving one from that point onward.

When Roger decided to stop acting in order to help Ann-Margret with her career, it was further proof of how selflessly devoted he was to her. Ann-Margret also showed her devotion when it came time for her to do so. She put some of her career activities aside when her husband needed care. She not only demonstrated devotion to her husband, but she showed her selflessness by being a great mother to his children from a previous marriage.

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Unfortunately, great love stories always come to an end, so the actress had to depart with the love of her life. A friend of Ann-Margret told Closer Weekly that her love for Roger still remains strong to this day. She mourned Roger's passing, but she devotes more of her thoughts fondly remembering the times they had together. A love like theirs doesn't end because you carry the person's spirit with you after they're gone.

When asked by People about how to keep a marriage so strong for 50 years, she says there is no trick to it. If people want it to work, it will naturally carry on. Ann-Margret is still engaging fully in life at the age of 78. She is in good spirits for someone who has had her share of life's disappointments. She can say that she had a great love that lasted for many years, and there isn't much more that you could ask for in life than that.

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