Animal Loving Couple Has Incredible 'Mega Bed' Built So They're Able To Sleep With All 8 Rescue Dogs

Most pet owners feel like their fur babies are an essential part of their family. They love them like children. As a result, their furry friends get the best care imaginable. However, some pet owners see the sky as the limit.

It's easy to spoil your dog. You make a bed for them, but before you know it, they are slumbering with you and your sweetie. This can cause space issues for most, especially if you have several large dogs.

While most dog lovers would sacrifice their comfort, this couple decided to fix their problem in a unique way. They constructed a larger bed!

Mariesa and Chris Hughes made a plan during 2016. They would spend nights being shoved off their own bed. The couple would even find themselves sleeping on the sofa.

So, they chose to build this awesomely giant bed.

The couple opened their home to 8 dogs. Each dog was a rescue.

They were already saints in the eyes of most people. They took it one step further when they hired Mike Ford to work on their dream bed. Did you know that it took 6 months to finish?

In the end, all their hard work and planning was worth it.

This titanic frame holds a full and king size bed together. Now, there's tons of space for the whole family to stretch out.

Mike Ford conveniently placed storage drawers underneath the bed frame, so it serves many purposes. Plus, he built a small flight of stairs for the animals. How thoughtful is that?

The contractor had to make a few revisions during the bed's construction. The headboard was so big that it wouldn't even fit through his shop room door!

The Hughes were shocked at how large the bed ended up being. They talked about how amazing it turned out.

When the couple suggested that they might be adding more rescue dogs to their family, they didn't say how many. Now, they've opened their home and hearts to over 17 dogs! However, they have a great motive behind this.

The couple runs their own non-profit. It's kindly named after their dearly departed dog Mr. Mo. It's been operating since 2011.

The Hughes passionately save as many senior dogs as they can. They do this as a tribute to Mr. Mo. He was a senior dog himself.

They utilize donations from their supporters and the community. These older dogs receive plenty of care as a result. They are transported to vet appointments and foster homes regularly.

Plus, these dogs get to enjoy a giant bed! It's no shock that this couple would cater to their rescues this way. After all, they're part of their family.

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