Animal Activists Urge People To Stop Putting Beached Dolphins Back In The Water

Animal experts are getting the word out to beachgoers that find dolphins in the sand. These well-meaning people try to put the dolphin back in the ocean. The experts say this is something you do not want to do. They understand the thoughts behind helping the animal, but actually, you could be doing more harm than good.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or RSPCA has spent a great deal of time documenting the habits of wild mammals. They do this so we can protect them and the areas they survive in. Human behavior has had a negative impact on many animal habitats including the dolphins. The RSPCA works to help prevent animal extinction. They believe that one of the first steps to achieve this goal is keeping the public informed and educated.

Social media has put a spotlight on returning beached dolphins to the sea.

The videos and stories make it appear that humans are saving the dolphins, but scientists and animal welfare groups are informing us that we are making a mistake by pushing them back into the water. It is painful to think that any animal is suffering. The Royal Society has documented that two dolphins that were put back in the ocean washed back onto the beach dead. They washed ashore in Wales.

It is hard to believe, but the dolphins are beached for a reason. They may be dying or have a fatal illness.

Putting them back in the water is counterproductive to their welfare. Do not try and push, drag, or pick them up and put them back into the water. The best thing to do when you find a beached dolphin is to call the animal authorities. They are trained to deal with wildlife.

You must remember that these mammals are cute and very popular with the public, but they are wild. You could be putting yourself in danger by touching them. The animal activist group recommends keeping a safe distance from the mammal, and do not touch or attempt to pet it.

Leave it alone.

If you find any animal in distress, especially a beached dolphin, the best thing you can do for your safety and the dolphin's well-being is to call your local animal rescue. Please talk to all your beach-going friends about this dangerous situation. It happens more often than you think.

Check out this video of 30 stranded dolphins:

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