Angry Neighbors Call Out Irresponsible Owners After Noticing Dog In Plastic Crate In Freezing Cold

Texas authorities wouldn't do the right thing and help a dog kept outside in freezing weather. Two women are trying to change this mindset.

According to CBS Local, Heather Barnett and Kathy Moreno both share a concern over something they saw this past winter in rural Texas. One freezing winter's day, both women saw a dog living outside in nothing more than a plastic crate.

They snapped some photos and posted them on their Social Media to show the world what this owner was doing to a helpless dog. They also called local police, hoping the cops could make the owner do something.

Unfortunately, the police left without helping the dog. According to Texas law, the dog cannot be tethered outside in freezing weather. Because the dog wasn't tethered, the cops wouldn't do anything to help.

Both women spent nights worrying about this helpless animal. They didn't want to see any animal sleeping outside in below freezing temperatures.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, both cats and dogs can experience frostbite and hypothermia. They should be kept inside, especially during subzero temperatures. Breeds with longer and thicker fur, such as huskies, can tolerate the cold more. However, no pet should be kept outside for long periods when the temperature drops below freezing.

Of course, not every owner agrees with Kathy and Heather. One person on Facebook commented that her two dogs prefer to be outside in the cold. One wears a fleece-lined coat and snuggles with the other dog under a heat lamp on the porch. Of course, the dog left in the plastic crate didn't have a fleece-lined coat, a heat lamp, or another dog to snuggle with.

Fortunately, most agreed with putting stricter pet laws into place. It really doesn't matter how much fur an animal has. It's downright cruel to keep them outside in subzero temperatures. Kathy and Heather have found a mission. They want to help pets keep warm this winter and have no qualms about confronting owners who are irresponsible.

What do you think? Are Kathy and Heather right or should they mind their own business? Let us know your thoughts. Also, let others see the video for themselves by sending them the link.