Angels Of The Zodiac: Star Signs And The Archangels Linked To Them

May 29, 2019 by apost team

It’s thought that angels and Archangels are a big part of the Zodiac. They are said to rule over and are typically associated with the star and sun signs. These angels and Archangels are connected with twelve constellations under the twelve sings of the Zodiac. Under each constellation, you’ll find the sign that the angels oversee.

It’s believed that when you are to be reincarnated that you choose the Star Sign that relates to you. This sign is to be chosen to ensure the most opportunity in learning the lessons of life regarding that specific sign. You are lead and guided when choosing your sign.

Within the Angels of the Zodiac you will be able to better understand your astrological sign and how it directly relates to your soul and the path of your life.

Aries – Ruled by the Archangel Camael

The qualities brought forth by Camael is confidence and assertiveness.

Camael is in relation to the solar angels and also the Golden Ray. It’s said that the planet Mars, and the day of Tuesday is ruled by Archangel Camael.

Born under Aries, most are impulsive, outgoing, and full of ideation. Individuals are usually dramatic, enthusiastic and more than willing to accept challenges.

Taurus – Ruled by the Archangel Hagiel

This Archangel rules over the Taurus sign and has qualities that empower practicality and reliability. Hagiel is said to rule over the planet of Venus and also the day of Friday. Individuals of Taurus are usually very appreciative in all aspects of life and love the earth. They enjoy beauty, luxury, and anything that pleases their senses. This sign loves nature and lives life very practically. The life lesson they must learn is patience.

Gemini – Ruled by Archangel Raphael

Traits of Gemini tend to be adaptability and being a social delight. Raphael is a healer and a guide for healing. This angel rules over Mercury and the day of Wednesday. Raphael also rules over the direction of East. They are usually very curious and love to learn. Although they thirst for knowledge, they don’t always share what they have learned.

Cancer – Ruled by Archangel Gabriel

This angel is said to be over the color Orange, rules over the moon, and the day of Monday. It’s also said that Gabriel stands over the direction of West. Under Archangel Gabriel, those are said to be very sensitive and sympathetic. Individuals of Cancer tend to be very helpful to others and encourage them to grow. They are usually very quiet and even passive to a degree. Even though they appear still on the surface, there is usually a ton of activity underneath.

Leo – Ruled by Archangel Michael

Michael is said to work with Blue Rales and rule over the day of Sunday and the Sun. This angel is said to stand over the direction of the South Individuals under Archangel Michael is said to be guided with protection and communication. They are said to be able to seek out hidden knowledge. Leos are often very open and organized. They love to be the center of attention and are also very competitive. Leos are gifted with excellent organizational skills, particularly in areas where they will earn recognition.

Virgo – Ruled by the Archangel Raphael

Raphael is said to rule over the planet of Mercury, the day of Wednesday and the direction of East. Raphael is known for healing. This sign is known for efficiency and a very deep thinking mind. Virgos are great for noticing details. They are hard workers. They tend to be very dependable but can also be very indecisive. These individuals can be shy and don’t like to be the center of attention.

Libra – Ruled by Archangel Hagiel

Hagiel rules over Libra and is known for being diplomatic and harmonious. Hagiel also rules over the day of Friday and the planet of Venus. Libras are open to compare things and have judgement that isn’t always practical. They tend to rely on their emotions to rule their mind, body, and spirit.

These individuals are the loving kind that live in harmony as much as possible. They love to be logical and can easily see both sides when it comes to a differ in opinions. Although, this can make it difficult for them to make decisions.

Scorpio – Ruled by the Archangels Camael and Azrael

The Archangel Azrael is known for shepherd like tendencies. This angel rules over the planet of Pluto. Camael rules over the planet Mars and the day of Tuesday. Scorpios usually have very strong personalities. They can be somewhat paranoid and intrigued by what is going on in the lives of others that surround them. They can be very emotional and when they have their minds set on something it’s very hard to change their decision.

Sagittarius – Ruled by the Archangel Zadkiel

Zadkiel is known for the Violet Ray and works with spiritual growth and transformation of one’s self. This angel rules over the planet of Jupiter and the day of Thursday. People born of Sagittarius influence usually have attributes of being adventurous and optimistic. They are very imaginative and love nature. This does sometimes lead to issues with keeping touch with reality. They can find limitations to this which can be extremely fatiguing.

Capricorn – Ruled by Archangel Asariel

This sign is ruled by Asariel which is over the planet of Neptune. Capricorns are usually very responsible and careful in nature. These are individuals are the ones that want to “take over the world”. They desire the need to be needed. They want to feel important. They aren’t afraid of hard work and will work hard when obstacles are put before them. They believe in being very organized and taking control. They like structure and using every resource to their advantage.

Aquarius – Ruled by the Archangels Uriel and Cassiel

These angels bring on the energies found from being very idealistic and relating to other humans. This angel is known for working with the Ruby Ray and aides in focusing on one’s life path and mission. Uriel is over the direction North and the planet of Uranus while Cassiel rules over the planet of Saturn and the day of Saturday. Cassiel is known as the shepherd angel. These individuals are usually very independent and have quite a progressive outlook on their lives. They love to help others but can let small issues come between their relationships.

Pisces – Ruled by the Archangels Zadkiel and Asariel

This sign is very emotional and lives for the arts. Asariel rules over the planet of Neptune while Zadkiel rules over the planet of Jupiter and the day of Thursday. Zadiel focus on one’s transformation and growth spiritually and also works through the Violet Ray. Characteristics of this sign are very loving and peaceful. Pisceans are very idealistic and tend to be sensitive and usually don’t mind sacrificing themselves for others. Their romance must stay alive or they’ll lose interest quickly. This sign tends to be very generous and puts a lot of thought into their actions. Because they are very sensitive, this can lead to moodiness and irritability. These individuals are very imaginative and can be very resourceful.

The angels that rule over the Zodiac rule over each one of the signs and assist in life’s lessons, works, and personalities. They also assist with influencing through experiences. What do you think? Is your angel accurate? Let us know in the comments!