Angela Lansbury Performs And The Crowd Goes Wild As They Are Stunned By How Good She Is

We can all name songs that powerfully reminds us of our childhoods whenever we hear them played. For some people, those are the pop songs that were on the radio during our formative years.

For many other people, they're the songs from the classic Disney movies that we watched over and over again when we were coming of age. Angela Lansbury sings a classic Disney song, and the crowd are thrilled as she performs it perfectly.

"Beauty and the Beast" is one of the most iconic Disney films of all time. While this fact might make you feel very old, the movie was released in 1991, which means it's already more than two decades old.

Despite its age, it continues to be a very popular film for young kids. It experienced a huge resurgence in popularity when it was remade by Disney as a live-action film in 2017. While the updated "Beauty and the Beast" received mixed reviews from critics, the release of the remake lead to increased DVD and digital streaming sales of the original animated version, reports TIME.

While the original film features a wide array of truly amazing performances, perhaps none are as iconic as Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts. Lansbury is one of film and theater's most beloved stars. Born in 1925, she's lived an exceptional life that should serve as an inspiration to us all.

As the star of the 1980s hit TV series "Murder She Wrote," Lansbury captivated audiences week after week in her role as a novelist who moonlights as an amateur detective. "Murder She Wrote" remains television's longest-running dramatic series, premiering in 1984 and thriving until its series finale in 1996.

However, Lansbury's true home is on Broadway. The masterful thespian and vocalist has played starring roles in a slew of stage musicals, from "Gypsy" to "Mame."

It was Lansbury's stunning singing voice that scored her the role of Mrs. Potts, a domestic servant who's been transformed into a talking teapot. One of the most iconic scenes in the original "Beauty and the Beast" is the ballroom dance between protagonist Belle and the beast. It is the moment where the two romantic leads truly realize that they're in love with one another.

This moment wouldn't quite be the same if it weren't for the titular track, performed by Lansbury. Her rich alto voice breathes life into this sweeping ode to enemies who turn into love interests. While Disney's rich history is full of classic songs that defined generations, there's something particularly special about "Beauty and the Beast."

For the 25th anniversary of the film, Lansbury returned to her true home, the stage, to perform her most iconic number. At the historic Lincoln Center, Lansbury performed the song as masterfully as she originally did all those years ago, reports TIME. She was accompanied by the film's composer, Alan Menken, who served as pianist for the moving performance.

Over the years, "Beauty and the Beast" has been performed by a myriad of different artists. Céline Dion and Peabo Bryson recorded a duet version for the soundtrack to the original film, which became a smash hit on the radio. For the 2017 live-action remake, Emma Thompson performed the song in her role as Mrs. Potts, while Ariana Grande and John Legend performed the radio version.

While many talented vocalists have had their turn at this classic track, we think Angela Lansbury will forever be the one true singer of this iconic song. If you have a diehard Disney fan in your life, be sure to show them this amazing anniversary performance. It truly shows that no matter how much time passes, the movies that we loved in our childhoods never really lose their magic.