Andrea Bocelli Sings Duet With 20-Year-Old Son Matteo For First Time In ‘Fall on Me’ Video

Andrea Bocelli is a world-renowned singer and songwriter. Celine Dion once commented that if God had a voice, it would sound like Bocelli. In a viral video filmed recently, Bocelli can be seen singing a duet with his 20-year old son.

While hearing Bocelli sing alone is breathtaking, hearing the Italian singer duet with his own son is even more mesmerizing. The two clearly have a close relationship that has been strengthened with a love for music and singing.

Bocelli and his son Matteo were featured together on a new song called "Fall On Me".

On GodTube, Andrea Bocelli is quoted as saying that this song was the first time that he had ever duetted with his son Matteo. Despite both being singers, the father and son duo had never recorded a song together.

Bocelli commented that all mothers and fathers will find a special meaning in the song "Fall On Me" as there are many parental themes throughout the piece. The song is accompanied by an equally beautiful music video that is bound to make even the most callous listeners feel emotional.

The music video starts with Matteo and Andrea playing piano back-to-back. Both father and son play immaculately with one another. The scene shifts as Matteo opens a door to reveal photographs of the father and son together. These photographs reveal intimate moments of the two hugging and laughing.

One special photograph shows a kiss on the forehead that proves these two have a truly close bond.

The lyrics of "Fall On Me" talk about the close relationships within a family throughout a lifetime. They speak about the connection between a father and son, and how important these relationships are through time. The music video offers perfect visuals to accompany the beautiful song.

The contrast of the tuxedos against the white room makes a bold statement. The camera constantly moves in between scenes of piano playing and pictures of the father and son.

Although Matteo is not as famous as his father Andrea, his voice was a perfect match with his father's. The duet is bound to send waves of emotion through any listener. In the same interview with GodTube, Andrea commented on the song with the following: "This emotional song truly hit me hard and I’m sure there are a lot of others that feel the same way". This song was written not only for Matteo and Andrea but also for all fathers and sons.

The music video ends with Matteo Bocelli closing the door that he had opened in the beginning. Then, the camera slowly fades away from Matteo and his father as they continue to play the beautiful song on the piano. Even though this song is remarkable alone, the music video helps to add a visual element that makes for an even more emotional performance.

Andrea Bocelli delivers another amazing song with his famous voice and songwriting abilities. Matteo shows the world that talent runs in the family. Bocelli fans are already awaiting a second duet from the father and son duo.

What do you think of this incredible father and son performance? Pass it along so Andrea Bocelli and his son realize they need to release part two!