Andrea Bocelli And His Beautiful Wife Veronica Berti Perform Passionate Duet Moving Audience To Tears

Andrea Bocelli and his wife, Veronica Berti got together in 2015 to perform the beautiful duet "Qualche Stupido."

Andrea Bocelli is renowned for his breathtaking singing voice has a diverse fan base that is made up of admirers from nations all over the world. But, in spite of his success, the beloved singer's life just wasn't complete. That all changed when he met and fell in love with a very special woman.

The void in his heart was finally filled when Bocelli married the love of his life. He is now thrilled to include her in some of his most special performances. This lovely woman is none other than fellow vocalist Veronica Berti.

When Veronica and Andrea first got to know one another it was as manager and client. Over time, their relationship transformed from just professional into something much more. The two each realized they were developing romantic feelings for one another. Those feelings eventually blossomed into a true, enduring love.

Andrea, who had already been divorced before, was extremely cautious about jumping into another marriage right away. In fact, he and Veronica took their relationship slowly and waited for over 10 years before saying their wedding vows.

When he was interviewed by E-News, Andrea told reporters about his excitement at finally wedding his beautiful bride. He was thrilled to marry Veronica with the Lord, his family, and a number of close friends as witnesses. He takes marriage seriously as both a religious and rite.

When it comes to being a perfect duo, that description fits not only Andrea and Veronica's love life but their musical talent as well. You can tell that each of them is passionate about each other as well as passionate about singing. Their voices truly sound as if they were made to sing together.

As they finished their duet performance of "Qualche Stupido", the entire audience watching them was overcome with emotion. They just couldn't hold back the tears of joy and amazement they felt during this once in a lifetime performance they had been so privileged to experience. Andrea and Veronica seemed to realize what a magical moment it truly was as well.

Take a look and listen carefully to the video clip to hear the pair's angelic singing. We think you'll be just as blown away by it as the original audience. What a gifted couple! Wouldn't you agree?

Do you agree that this seems like the ultimate match made in heaven? We would love to know your reaction to Andrea and Veronica's performance - tell us in the comments. Pass this story along to all of your friends and family who believe in the power of love and enjoy listening to incredible vocal duets!