Andrea Bocelli And Nicole Scherzinger Perform ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ In Spanish

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

There is just something about Andrea Bocelli that makes you stop in your tracks and listen to his melodious voice. This Italian maestro specializes in classical music, but his outstanding voice has made him well-known throughout many other musical genres. Adding Nicole Scherzinger, a former Pussycat Doll, and X-Factor judge, to Andrea's musical performance set the stage for a song we will not soon forget.

Displaying mesmerizing vocals between Bocelli's tenor and Scherzinger's soprano, the powerful piece Don't Cry for Me Argentina will never be the same again. Providing fans with the show of a lifetime, Bocelli and Scherzinger gave this song their all back in 2016, and fans around the world went crazy over it.

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The duet between these two is featured on Andrea Bocelli's 2015 album, titled Cinema. Even in 2020, we are still in awe of this musical piece and expect to continue doing so for decades to come. While Scherzinger has made her way into the musical world as a pop icon, when she appears with Bocelli, she completely transforms into a classical artist.

Taking the role seriously, Scherzinger's voice transforms into a unique sound that is pleasantly unfamiliar. Reminding us of an opera singer, fans get a peek into Nicole's true musical talent that goes far beyond her pop reputation.

Looking the Part and Singing It Even Better

Not only do these two perform their rendition of Don't Cry for Me Argentina flawlessly, but they do a great job of looking the part. Stepping on stage in a black suit, Bocelli appears in an outfit that we have seen him wearing many times before.

Yet, he still looks like a picturesque operatic singer in his outfit. Complementing him well, Nicole appears in a gold sequined gown and her hair slicked back into a low chignon. As they sing, their body language is impeccable. Dressed to the nines, this couple puts on a spectacular show.

When two outstanding artists come together to perform a song like Don't Cry for Me Argentina we cannot help but get goosebumps. Setting the stage for a dramatic performance, you can see the emotion in the eyes of these two singers. Transferring that energy to the crowd and those watching from home, we can all feel the emotions they are going through as they glide through the lyrics of this song.

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