An orangutan displays its affection when it finds out a woman is pregnant

Humans and animals might look differently but they certainly feel the same.

As we all know, humans developed from apes. So it’s not surprising that we behave similarly. Whether it comes to love, friendship or sense of survival - we act alike, even more so when we expect a baby. Humans and animals experience this purest form of love in the same way. We know all this but it still astonishes us what animals are capable of.

When a mother-to-be visited her local zoo, she and her husband watched the orangutan enclosure and marvelled their powerful beings. Suddenly, one orangutan caught sight of the woman’s belly. The mom leaned in closer and certainly didn’t expect the large animal to be this tender. The ape however caressed and kissed her belly through the glass and seemed very happy and mesmerized by the fact that there is a tiny being inside. This dear love and connection between two parents of different species is absolutely gorgeous and makes us all tear up a little.

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