An Off-Duty Police Officer Interrupted This Couple's Date - Just Wait Until You Hear Why

Aug 15, 2017 by apost team

Police officers help prevent chaos and disorder, apprehending criminals across the United States - when on duty, at least. While a few bad apples in police departments across America have tainted their reputations, most cops have civic duty fresh on their minds.

A throwaway Reddit account titled Throwawayforpancakes recently revealed an anecdote about a police officer prompted to come to an innocent young lady's aide after hearing her date make snide remarks about her.

The anonymous pancake lover was eating dinner with his significant other at a local restaurant. The Reddit user overheard an obviously immature, inappropriate man ask "at least I know you can swallow, right," as his date hurriedly scarfed down her appetizer. The girl's face flushed with redness, showcasing her disdain for the so-called date they were on... so much for chivalry right? That wholly rude man-child followed up with, "calm down, I was going to find out in a few hours anyway." She didn't respond.

A plainclothes police officer rushes over, sits down, and demands the man fork over his identification. That good-hearted cop forced the man to pay, or else he'd call on-duty authorities over his inappropriate remarks. He wrote down the pervert's personal information, then invited the now-single girl to his family's table, responding "Oh, that would be really nice. Thank you so much!"

Police officers aren't as bad as their reputation supports. Keep your eyes peeled and you might run into a cop saving the world, on and off the clock.

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