An Introduction To Singer Marie Osmond’s Eight Children

Jul 23, 2021 by apost team

Marie Osmond was born Olive Marie Osmond on October 13, 1959. The "Paper Roses" singer has had an illustrious career but also a very fulfilling personal life. The musician, actress, and philanthropist has a total of eight children and eight grandchildren. Her children are Stephen, Jessica, Rachael, Brandon, Brianna, Matthew, Abigail, and the late Michael Blosil. Her grandchildren are Stephen Jr., Rocket Jade, Christian, Maxwell, Maude, Wolf, Olive, and Mabel. Marie's son Stephen and his wife Claire welcomed their fourth child to the world in 2021.

Marie has continued visiting and keeping tabs on her children and their youngsters while social distancing. She also uses her phone to keep in touch with her siblings, kids, and grandkids. And luckily for those of us interested in the star's life, Marie proudly displays her affection for her adorable grandchildren on social media.

Being a part of a large family is nothing new for Marie. She grew up with all brothers, the eighth of nine children. And show business has remained a constant, as the clan sang and danced together publicly at young ages. Marie and her brother, Donny Osmond, would eventually co-host the variety show "Donny and Marie." In 2007, she showed off her dancing skills as a celebrity contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," where she placed third alongside her dance partner, Jonathan Roberts.

Marie, as the matriarch of her own large band of children and grandchildren, has lovingly and seamlessly fulfilled her motherly role. Here is a guide that will introduce all eight of her children. 

Stephen James Craig

Stephen James Craig (2007), (Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty images)

Born: April 20, 1983

Stephen is Marie's eldest child. His father is Stephen Lyle Craig, who Marie divorced in 1985 but remarried in 2011. Stephen is now married with children of his own, sons Stephen, Christian, and Maxwell, as well as his daughter Olive.

Jessica Marie Blosil

Marie Osmond, Rachel, Jessica (1998), (Frank Trapper/Contributor/Getty images)

Born: December 17, 1987

Jessica was adopted by Marie and her husband Brian Blosil when she was 2. Jessica married her wife, Sara, in June 2019, and Marie posted on her social media next to pictures of the happy couple: "Congratulations to my darling daughter Jessica and her new wife Sara! I'm so glad I got to fly in for the day to be a part of such a happy occasion! I could not love the two of you more! Welcome to our family!"

Rachael Lauren Blosil

Rachael Blosil (2008), (Ethan Miller/Getty Images/Cirque du Soleil)

Born: August 19, 1989

Rachel is Marie's first biological child with Blosil. Rachel has been married to Gabriel Kruger since 2012, and they have two children, Rocket Jade and Wolf. Marie said she and Rachel "are very similar in a lot of ways." The singer explained, "She has that same personality that I have where she wants to know and do everything."

Michael Bryan Blosil

Born: May 4, 1991 

Died: February 26, 2010

Michael was also adopted by Marie and Brian. Tragically, Michael took his own life at the age of 18, after years of suffering from bullying and addiction. Marie wrote about her son's birthday on her Instagram account. "If you know me or have been following me for a while, you know that May 4 is a big day for me," she wrote. "My mother was born on this day, and so was my angel son Michael. It's also my wedding anniversary with my love, Steve. 10 years today!! So much love for this day."

Brandon Warren Blosil

Marie Osmond, Stephen, Michael, Brandon (1999), (Frank Trapper/Corbis/Getty Images)

Born: November 1996

Brandon has stayed mostly out of the spotlight, but Marie shared on her Facebook page in 2018 that he plays bass in a metalcore band called Navarre. She made another post on her Instagram account wishing the young man a happy birthday and, in the caption, said, "I couldn't love you more, you are my angel!"

Brianna Patricia Blosil

Matthew Osmond, Brianna Osmond, Brandon Osmond (2007), (Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images)

Born: November 19, 1997

Brianna married David Schwep in 2018, and they have two children together. Their first daughter, Maude, was born in May 2019, and they welcomed their second child, Mabel, in August 2020. After Mabel was born, Marie wrote on her Instagram: "Our daughter Brianna and son-in-law David Schwep's wonderful news brought a sweet reminder that this life is about having JOY!"

Matthew Richard Blosil

Rachael Blosil, Stephen Craig Jr., Matthew Osmond, Brianna Osmond (2007), (Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images)

Born: July 6, 1998

Matthew is Marie's second biological child with Brian and the second youngest among all her children. The young man plays the saxophone in his school band, and it is no surprise that so many of Marie's children ended up being musically inclined. Matthew's high school band has even performed at Carnegie Hall and during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Abigail Olive May Blosil

Marie Osmond, Abigail (2009), (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Born: September 5, 2002

Abigail is the youngest of Marie's eight children. She graduated from high school in 2020, during the current major health crisis, and her mom bought her a funny gift to commemorate her achievements during a trying time. The gift was toilet paper earrings, and Abigail thought it was just as funny as her mom did.

Marie has three biological and five adopted children. Did you come from a large family? Are you a fan of Marie's music? Let us know what you think, and don't hesitate to send this on to your friends and family.

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