An Animal Preserve In Louisiana Lets Guests Swim With Otters

Animal lovers are going crazy over the opportunities to get up close and personal with otters at the Barn Hill Preserve in Ethel, Louisiana.

Unlike most animal preserves and zoos where you simply watch the critters from afar, visitors to this special place can actually swim with the otters. The Asian small-clawed otter is a smaller version of a regular otter, making it a perfect animal to splash around with.

The Otter Swims are three hours long. In addition to the swim, visitors will enjoy a guided tour around the facility. The actual time in the pool with the otters lasts for about 35 minutes. The Otter Swim is a high price but also gives you a personal experience as only four people are allowed in the pool with the animals at a time.

The 12-acre facility is an amazing place to connect with animals in a beautiful setting. There are even picnic tables if you want to make a day out of the experience and pack a lunch.

In addition to the otters, guests can also interact with the Eurasian Lynx, a Red Kangaroo Joey, and reptiles like the Ball Python and Bearded Dragon. The goal of the preserve is to create awareness about conservation and the importance of animal rescue. 

Once you check out these adorable pictures of the otters, you are going to want to head to the preserve yourself. Be sure to spread the story of this fun vacation destination to all of your friends and family.