An All-Women Army Protects Elephants From Poachers In Zimbabwe

Aug 24, 2020 by apost team

Akashinga is a group of brave women in Zimbabwe that are making a major difference in the protection of the country's elephants. These devoted women have made it their mission in life to protect these amazing animals from the threats of poaching.

A video recently surfaced that tells their story and it is gaining new viewers around the world every day. Animals lovers across the world have applauded at the bravery of this devoted army of women that have committed to protecting elephants.

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Akashinga is a group of women that serve as rangers in the Phundundu Wildlife Area which is located in Zimbabwe's Zambezi Valley. This area of land was previously a popular region for trophy hunting but the wildlife that lives there is now under anti-poaching protection.

This is where the brave women of Akashinga come in. Their inspiring story is all about the dedication that shows toward protecting the region's elephant population. More viewers around the world are finding out about this amazing group of women every day.

This Group of Women Are True Survivors

The bravery of the women of Akashinga is impressive in its own right. What they are doing for the region's elephant population is truly worthy of praise. Their story is made even more impressive when one finds out that the majority of the women in the group are survivors of abusive situations. The fact that they have been able to overcome these hardships has helped to ready them for the important work that they now do.

The Dedication of These Women Is Obvious

According to the BBC, this brave group of rangers is working as part of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, an organization that is responsible for managing anti-poaching efforts in the area of Zimbabwe where the women work. The organization explains that their name, Akashinga, is actually the word for "brave ones" in the local Shona language. 

Their love for protecting the wildlife of their country is evident when one sees the amazing work of the women of Akashinga. This love has been evident to their countless fans around the world who have found out about them through the web. The group has earned the respect of people across the globe.

When news broke about an amazing all-woman group of rangers in Zimbabwe, it quickly drew views from around the world. The brave women that make up Akashinga have devoted themselves to protecting the elephants of their country.

The fact that many of these women themselves are the survivors of traumatic life situations only further elevates the level of respect that they deserve for doing the amazing work that they are engaged in. More people learn about the outstanding work that they are doing every day.

What was your initial reaction when you first learned about the brave women that compose the ranger group Akashinga? Were you blown away by the selfless dedication that these women have put into protecting the elephants of Zimbabwe? If your response to this set of questions was yes, then please consider passing this video on to all your friends and family. It is important to make the story of these brave women heard.

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