Amusing Dog Gives Mom Cold Shoulder

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

The boxer is a loved breed that is known for having a square jaw and drooping jowls. At the same time, boxers generally have a friendly demeanor and are full of energy. However, little Rodney, who lives in Oregon, is living proof that every dog ​​has a unique personality and plenty of character. That's certainly the case in this video from 2016, which showcases Rodney's penchant for pouting. In the video, a 3-year-old Rodney pouts because he got left in the car for a few minutes.

Rodney is a boxer with sweetness written all over his face. His dark eyes and muzzle are set off by a white stripe that runs from his forehead to his nose. Rodney has a look that is easy to fall in love with, and he certainly knows how to work his sad puppy face to his advantage.

The boxer’s mom took him on a road trip to visit a yard sale one day. When she got out at the first yard sale, Rodney was unhappy about staying in the car all alone. It was a chilly day, and his mom was only out of the car for a few minutes, as the video's description explains. While Rodney was completely safe in the car, he did not appreciate being left alone. He climbed in the driver’s seat and was fully prepared to invite his mom to his pity party.

When Rodney’s mom returned to the car, she found a very unhappy pup. We do not know how long she tried to talk him into moving out of her seat in the car before she turned on the camera. Once the camera was rolling, video captured the dog giving his mom the saddest look. He was laying the guilt on thick and was not listening to her pleas to get him to move into the passenger seat.

At one moment, the pain of being left alone in the car for a few minutes seemed almost too much for Rodney to bear. He turned his head away from her sullenly as she continued to plead with him. Finally, Rodney moved over slowly and took his place in the passenger’s seat. However, the drama continued. The dog sat still and stared straight ahead. He refused to even turn his head as his mom talked to him.

Rodney’s big eyes and stoic façade added to the drama of the video, so it was easy to feel how sad he truly was about being left alone. Have you had any similar experiences with your pets? We want to know the full details, so leave your story in the comments and make sure you send on this video to anyone who appreciates a good ol' laugh.