Among Dr. Phil's Lavish Possessions Is His Sprawling Beverly Hills Mansion Estimated To Be Worth Millions

Jan 12, 2022 by apost team

Ever since the psychologist Dr. Phil first got his start on television after appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," audiences have fallen in love with his pragmatic approach to human psychology and his endearing personality. So it only made perfect sense that he got his own show titled "Dr. Phil" in 2002. Ever since Dr. Phil has continued to educate his audience while stealing their hearts with his charm.

The series has garnered 37 nominations for TV awards, including Daytime Emmys, however, it has not won any. The series is an advice show that sees Dr. Phil introduced to a new group of guests each episode, as he learns about the challenging situations they are going through, and ultimately offers his advice to them, with his psychology background laying the foundation for his knowledge.

His show has even introduced the world to his beloved family including his wife Robin McGraw, as well as his two sons Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw. Robin is an author and has become a well-loved part of "Dr. Phil," lending her female opinion on topics of discussion. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Phil's sons have both chosen careers in the entertainment industry — which, considering their father is both a professional psychologist and a show business icon, they're still following in his footsteps. Jay is a writer and television producer, while Jordan is a musician.

Dr. Phil’s great success has brought him millions of dollars in the process. This means he and his wife Robin are able to live comfortably in a gorgeous mansion in Beverly Hills that they bought in 2010. Read on to learn more about Dr. Phil’s life and his sprawling estate. 

Dr. Phil McGraw (2020), (Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty images)

Phillip Calvin McGraw is better known to the world as Dr. Phil. The medical professional and television personality was born on Sep. 1, 1950, in Vinita, Oklahoma. According to Biography, Dr. Phil was a college football player (a linebacker) at the University of Tulsa who went on to earn his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of North Texas. Dr. Phil's own father had aspirations of becoming a psychologist and followed them, which likely inspired Dr. Phil on his own path to the profession. After he had graduated, he even joined his father at the private psychology practice the elder McGraw had started.

Dr. Phil was a private practitioner before starting a self-motivation seminar called Pathways, also in collaboration with his father and a Texas businesswoman named Thelma Box. The seminars gave "experience-based training" that allowed "individuals to achieve and create their own results." By 1991, however, Dr. Phil sold his share of the company and focused on another company he had co-created around the same time called Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI).  

Through CSI he was hired to assist Oprah Winfrey in 1996 during her trial for being sued by cattlemen who had claimed that she defamed the beef industry on one of her episodes. Dr. Phil was successful in helping her win the case in 1998 and it led him to become a regular guest expert on Oprah’s talk show. Appearing weekly as a relationship and life strategy expert, Dr. Phil quickly became a beloved guest on Oprah's show and four years later in 2002, he branched out and started his own show named "Dr. Phil."

The talk show host and his beloved wife used to live in Dallas, Texas before Dr. Phil began working on his TV series. Now, they reside in Beverly Hills where they live a life of luxury in their fabulous, alamo-style, mansion. The couple purchased the home in 2010 for $29.5 million. The house has five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. 

Dr. Phil reportedly bought this mansion before he had sold his previous residence, which was listed for $16 million in Los Angeles. Their current estate sits on three acres of land and overlooks their previous home. 

The McGraw’s mansion is 15,000 square feet and that does not include their guest house. There are tennis courts as well as a pool and stunning landscapes in the surrounding yard. The kitchen is massive and features a stunning backsplash above the stove. There are multiple living spaces for Robin to decorate and an office for Dr. Phil as well. 

In an Instagram post, the talk show host shared a photo of his desk which featured many varied devices from expensive laptops to tablets. He captioned the post: “My desk … I grew up with a chalkboard! Times they are a-changing.” Dr. Phil must get a lot of work done with so many screens!

The entire home is beautifully decorated, especially around the holidays each year. Dr. Phil has been posting a lot of pictures of his house on social media, and they often feature his wife, children, grandchildren and pets. It looks like the psychologist leads a full and happy life. 

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