'Always On My Mind' Studio Version By Elvis Presley In '72

Jul 28, 2020

The heartbreaking song Always On My Mind is arguably most famous today thanks to Willie Nelson's 1982 version. Somebody no less legendary previously had a hit with the song 10 years earlier. We are talking, of course, about Elvis Presley, who recorded his version in the studio in 1972.

Elvis poured his heart out in the vocals, and his version is made especially touching by the fact that his separation from Priscilla had become official just a few weeks prior to the recording. With his haunting voice, the King makes the song into a genuine tear-jerker.

Elvis and his wife Priscilla had been married for five years when they decided to get divorced in 1973, according to Biography.com. Considering what went on in his private life at the time, it's no wonder that the lyrics to Always On My Mind seem to fit Elvis perfectly. You can tell the pain of his heartache in the powerful vocals that only Elvis could provide. The world came to know Elvis' love songs, but this one went so much more in-depth. He made the listener feel his pain and what he was going through.


Anyone who knows about breakups or divorce can relate to the pain and regret Elvis poured into this recording. The regret in his voice leaves the listeners in tune with his emotions. That is what makes the song a tear-jerker.

We all make mistakes in relationships, but the first line, "Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have," sends chills up and down one's spine. It shows how we almost always blame ourselves after the fact. Then it goes on to, "Maybe I didn't hold you quite as often as I could have." It's all about regrets or the "what ifs" of doing more.

The song, written by songwriters Mark James, Johnny Christopher, and Wayne Carson in 1970, is short and bittersweet. The music, Elvis' vocals, and the chorus—"You were always on my mind"—lifts the listener's soul to a higher level.

The person listening can feel every ounce of pain that pours forth when Elvis hits the notes during that part of the song. It speaks volumes along with the regrets to say yes, I hurt you, but you were "always on my mind." It is like he was speaking directly to Priscilla with no one else around. They both knew their marriage was over, but Elvis always knew how to pour his heart out in a song.

The video below has rare footage of Elvis in the studio and also shows heartbreaking home movie footage of Priscilla and him, taken throughout their married lives. It makes the viewer feel they are listening to the words and live what Elvis is remembering.

Divorce is a horrible thing to go through, but we can all be thankful that Elvis poured his heart out with this song and touched millions of listeners.

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