Alligator Jumps Out Of The Water, Attempts To Bite Woman On Zipline

Feb 08, 2019 by apost team

Everyone knows that Florida is full of alligators. While you might expect to see these creatures lounging around in the Everglades or taking a peek from out of a swampy canal, most people probably do not expect to see them while on a zip line tour.

However, that is exactly what happened to one unsuspecting woman. We bet this woman thought the only thrill would be the one that she got from zipping over this Florida pond.

What turned out to be the biggest excitement of the day was the alligator that lunged out of the water and snapped at her as she zipped by on her adventure.

The woman is released on her line thinking that she will land at the bottom without incident. However, right as she ends the drop, the alligator leaps out of the murky waters and opens its big mouth!

At first, the woman screams in fright. But those screams turn to excitement once she realizes that she escaped harm.

Credit the body's natural response to danger for producing this surge of adrenaline. It is this shot of adrenaline that makes people crave the excitement of adventures like zip lining. However, we bet the woman received a bigger shot of adrenaline than she had signed up for with this adventure!

This terrifying video will surely make you jump with both fear and excitement. Everyone is relieved to know that the woman escaped the danger

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