All You Need To Grow These 19 Flowers & Vegetables Is A Glass Of Water

Those of us who don’t have a green thumb are in luck! Maybe you have had poor experiences growing plants in the past, or maybe you just don’t want to get your hands dirty. Check out these 19 flowers and veggies you can grow with nothing but a glass of water – no experience necessary!

1. Garlic

Who doesn’t love garlic? It can spruce up any meal, and always provides just the right touch in a nice homemade (or otherwise) Italian dinner. It’s flavorful in meats and sauces, and can even be used for breakfast foods - if you’re bold.

Garlic has a second part of its plant that is also edible, and you can grow it right from the garlic clove! Simply put the garlic clove in a shallow dish of water, and you’ll notice green sprouts emerging after just a few days. Let them grow out a bit, and they are deliciously edible, especially in salads.

2. Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choi)

This money-saver can fully re-grow itself! Once you’ve eaten the majority of the cabbage, you’ll still have that root-like area towards the “bottom” of it left. Don’t throw it out! Put it in just a little bit of water, so that only the bottom of it is in the shallow dish.

 You’ll see the plant reappear before your very eyes! Chinese cabbage is nutritious and great in all types of meals, not just Chinese dishes!

3. Scallions 

If you’ve ever had green onions growing in your yard, you know that they are a powerful plant that doesn’t need an invitation to grow. They regrow just as easily! Once you use the delicious green stalk as a topping on your baked potato (who can resist?), save the white part at the end for a whole new plant.

You can simply toss this white bulb into water for an endless supply.

4. Carrots 

Like garlic, the part you are most familiar with won’t typically regrow itself. They are easily high up on the list though, because if you take the top of the carrot (which you likely aren’t eating anyway), and place it in water, it will re-sprout its greens.

Don’t knock it till you try it! The greens sprouted are a flavorful addition to any salad or leafy dish.

5. Leeks

Another vegetable that you can endlessly keep stocked in your home is leeks. Keep the last two inches that you normally won’t eat, and place them in a dish of water – almost fully covered. You’ll see your favorite, edible part of the leek begin to grow where the one you just ate was!

6. Mint

If you’ve ever had a mint garden, you probably already know that this is one of the most easily maintained plants you could ask for. It spreads like wildfire and is just as easy to grow indoors. All you need is a root! Place it in water, and you’ll have the same quick growth as outdoors – without the dirt! 

7. Basil

One of the most popular herbs, basil is fantastic on almost anything you put it on. Chop it fine to be used as a seasoning, or put whole leaves on a pizza! Once you have taken the leaves off, keep about four inches of the stem and put it in a glass of water placed in the sun.

These are a little trickier, as once the leaves begin to sprout, you’ll need to place it in a pot (indoors or out).

8. Rosemary

Rosemary can regrow itself just like basil, but also needs to be transferred into a pot of soil once it, essentially, starts to look like a plant again. These two delicious herbs can make all the difference in a dish, and are totally worth the extra steps.

9. Tulips

Moving on to the floral segment, tulips are a beautiful and easy plant to “force” growth indoors, in water. They do require pebbles, but you can simply surround the pebbles around one bulb in a glass of water, and you will see a stem form and eventually bloom. This is ideal for the winter months, and should be planted in soil come springtime.

10. Water Hyacinth

These make a great tabletop garden, and can have a few of them planted in a dish of pebbles and water (think a small planter, like a centerpiece, or a tiny aquarium). They will bloom beautifully indoors all year round, and can be transported to soil if you wish.

11. Hyacinth

Very similar to the water hyacinth, these plants require stones or pebbles to grow with their water. Make sure that these lovely floral creatures receive plenty of light!

12. Amaryllis

Like the hyacinths, this is a bulbous plant that can add lovely ornamentation to your home during the dreary winter months. All the little bulb needs to begin life is some rocks in water, and you’ll see it sprout and bloom.

13. Papyrus

Papyrus is another lovely plant that doesn’t require soil to grow. You are welcome to use pebbles or stones in this one as well, or to keep it sturdy, but papyrus only needs water and water alone. It’ll grow to look like a delicate little palm tree, if you keep the water level consistent in its vase.

14. Fiber Optic Grass

Don’t get too excited, this fancy grass doesn’t actually light up on the end. It does get its name from the ornamental fiber optics, with its wiry leaves and overall brightness. This grass looks lovely in a vase, with small pebbles and water. You can even wrap a bit of plastic tubing around the base to create real-life miniature palm trees!

15. Bamboo

Bamboo has many advantageous qualities! It is easy to grow in only rocks and water, is very decorative, and is even thought to be good luck! Add a small trellis to the vase for it to latch on to if you wish, for the extra spot of flair.

16. Epipremnum Aureum

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, this plant is nearly impossible to kill once you start it. This can be a downside or a plus, depending on your taste! Grow it in a vase of water, or a pot of soil – it can also make an interesting wallcovering, even with the lights out!

17. Chinese Evergreen

Truthfully, this plant is most typically grown in soil – but its strength allows it to be grown in a pot with water alone. It’s very easy to grow, but will do so much more quickly in soil.

18. Cacti and Other Succulents

These have become so popular and trendy lately because anyone can grow them! One fun way to grow a cactus is by using hydroponics – put it in a small pot with pebbles only, and put that one inside a slightly larger pot with just water. You’ll be surprised at how well this works!

19. Tillandsia

We saved one of the easiest for last – this plant only needs humid air to grow! This lovely plant needs neither water nor soil, you can grow it on a fun display of pebbles or wine corks! To be safe, give it a spritz from time to time, or hang it in the already humid bathroom!

What are your thoughts on these types of houseplants? Have you tried any of them before? Tell us in the comments, or use these helpful tips for your plant un-friendly friends!