All This Shelter Pit Bull Needs And Loves Is To Be Tucked Into Bed At Night

Oct 15, 2018 by apost team

For many pet owners, sleeping with a dog is relaxing and can often help with relieving stress. A pit bull living in a shelter wants a home more than anything and wants to be tucked in each night to feel secure until someone takes him home.

This adorable pit bull is named Prince. His life has been nothing like he deserves. Instead of running around in a yard or sleeping on a soft couch or bed, he is sleeping on a cot in a shelter. For his first two years of life, Prince lived with one person. Unfortunately, the owner was unable to give Prince the life that he deserved and had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him live with someone else. The owner's girlfriend decided that she would take care of Prince.

Prince's new owner was walking him one day when he got loose from his leash. An animal control officer found him and took him to a local humane society shelter. When the shelter workers examined Prince, they discovered that they had the contact information to get in touch with the owner's girlfriend. When she was contacted, she told the workers that she would get him, but she never arrived at the shelter after months of waiting.

The shelter workers came to the conclusion that Prince had been abandoned. Prince seemed to know that he was left alone as well. He became nervous and didn't want people to touch him. When someone approached his kennel, Prince would bark or try to hide in a corner. These actions deterred potential adopters from wanting to take him home.

While making the rounds one night, one of the workers noticed that Prince enjoys being tucked in with a blanket so that he can sleep at night. The blanket makes him feel comforted, and he likes the snuggles that the workers offer.

Watch as Prince gets his nightly hugs and is wrapped in a blanket by one of the workers.