Alicia Silverstone's Son Cuts Off Long Hair For Fresh Look

Nov 28, 2020 by apost team

Alicia Silverstone's approach to parenting has always been to give her son the freedom to be true to himself, make his own decisions, and be his own person. Silverstone's nine-year-old son, Bear, has had long luscious hair since he was a toddler. It became his trademark; he loved it and chose to keep it that way as he grew up. Recently, however, Bear decided it was time for a change and chopped off his long brown locks in favor of a new short style.

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Alicia Silverstone, the former Clueless actress, documented the big event in a video which she later posted on Instagram. In the video, the doting mom asks her son, "What are we doing right now?" Bear answers, "Cutting my hair." She then asks him, "why?" And his answer is something we are probably all familiar with: "I have no idea." But sometimes, even if you have no idea, you just need to do it anyway! He also adds that he is both very excited and very nervous to be having such a significant change—we are sure he will have no regrets!

The 44-year-old went on to talk about how much Bear has enjoyed having long hair:

"The reason he chose to keep it for as long as he did was because he loved it so much!!! He just wanted to try something new. Although I have a feeling he'll find a way back to his long hair again in the future. No matter what though, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes."

Bear's hair was divided into two even pigtails. You can hear Bear squeal and proclaim, "oh my gosh!" as the hairdresser cuts off the first pigtail. Bear holds the hair in his hand and looks at it incredulously. He can't believe it's actually happening! Although Bear loved his long locks, his Silverstone revealed that her son would be subjected to bullying and rude comments by others who weren't as keen. Young as he might be, the boy has a pretty mature clap back for all the haters:

"After (Bear) returned and told me, I thought he would want to cut it for a haircut appointment we had already scheduled the next day, but when we showed up, he said, 'Please give me a trim so I can grow it to my waist.' That's my boy! He knows who he is. He loves his hair and chooses to have it long," she wrote on an Instagram post back in September.

Silverstone also brought attention to other notable men who had long hair, such as Brad PittHarry Styles, and Jason Momoa.

In her Instagram post, Silverstone told the world the reason behind Bear wanting a new hairstyle. "Was it his decision? Yes. Did I cry inside as I watched him get it cut? Maybe... but did I try to stop him? Not for one second," she wrote.

It's always hard for a parent to see their child grow up and become independent—parents always see their children as their' babies.' But an essential aspect of parenting is also to give children the security, freedom, and space to find out who they are and grow into the adults they want to be.

Silverstone and Bear's dad, her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki, 44, are entirely behind the decisions that Bear makes regarding his looks as long as he is true to himself and makes him happy.

 "No matter what, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes," she stated.

"We aren't going to stop him from being him. He's beautiful, and we love his hair! We would never impose any social ideas about what hair on a boy or girl should look like. We should all try to embrace our children and who they choose to be without any judgment," said Silverstone.

Bear is seen admiring his new haircut in the mirror and grinning as he takes in his new hairdo. He now wears it very short, with a longer section at the front that has been styled with some hair product. Though proud of her little boy, his mom can't help but be wistful about her son. 

She wrote, "My baby's growing up." All parents will feel a little nostalgic saying goodbye to the younger years of their children, but it is exciting to move onto the next phase of parenting, and we are sure there will be many more hairstyles to come as Bear grows up!

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