Tiny Albino Runt Of Litter Turns Out To Be Toughest Fighter

Lucky, a one-eyed, mixed-breed albino dog, was rescued from an irresponsible breeder by Clanay Reza when he was just three days old. He is the only survivor of his litter.

The story of Lucky the dog has taken the internet by storm. Lucky was found by his human mom, Clanay Reza, when he was just three days old in her neighbor’s backyard. While Lucky is a cute name for any pet, the Lucky in our story earned his name by surviving a very tumultuous series of events.

According to Dogster, Clanay first met Lucky when she had to take her own dog outside for a bathroom break. It was when she was outside with her dog that Clanay came upon a newly born litter of puppies in her neighbor’s yard. Clanay’s neighbor was a backyard breeder and had left the puppies outside as he wouldn’t be able to make money off of them. As the puppies barked and squeaked for help, Clanay offered to foster the animals. Not wanting the little ones, Clanay’s neighbor allowed her to keep the puppies.


Suddenly the mom of a litter of puppies, Clanay was determined to do everything in her power to give the little dogs a fighting chance at life. While most of the puppies were strong and more than willing to take milk from a bottle, Lucky was the runt of the litter.

Much smaller than his brothers and sisters, Clanay thought that little Lucky wouldn’t make it. Nevertheless, Clanay fought for Lucky, who took milk from a syringe. Interestingly, Lucky was also an albino.

As the days went by, one by one, Lucky’s littermates passed away. Clanay came up with the name 'Lucky' because the little guy was the luckiest member of the bunch. Following the death of his brothers and sisters, Clanay made it her mission to ensure that Lucky would live.

About a week after finding him, Clanay felt that Lucky was strong enough that he would be able to survive into adulthood. Together with her family, Clanay celebrated Lucky’s major milestones, such as when the little guy’s eyes opened when he was two weeks old and when he took his first steps.

Even though Lucky survived, it was not without trials. Particularly, Clanay learned that Lucky was blind during a visit to the vet’s office. A few months later, one of his eyes had to be removed for him to have a healthy life. As an albino, Lucky must also wear sunscreen and sunglasses when he goes outside. Lucky doesn't mind the extra precautions, however, especially because his doggy sunglasses give him a decidedly debonair look.

Despite all of the trials in his life, Lucky continued to grow and thrive. As time went by, Lucky became a champion puppy, running around Clanay’s home and playing with his army of squeaky toys. Ever the proud mom, Clanay says that nothing can keep Lucky down. Even when he’s sick, Lucky still runs around and enjoys life.

Thanks to Clanay, Lucky is now a social media celebrity. The little guy’s Instagram page is followed by people who are delighted to watch the sweet guy’s daily routine and adventures.

In summation, Lucky’s story shows the difference that a single person can make in the life of an animal. With Clanay’s love and care, Lucky is now a perfectly happy and healthy pooch, enjoying life and bringing happiness to his family.

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