Alaskan Husky Kisses Firefighter For Saving Him From Roof

Alaskan Huskies are very distinct-looking canines. They are impossible not to notice due to their heavy fur coats. And who wouldn't see one stuck on top of a roof? The poor dog names Jasper made the ill-advised decision to climb out of an upstairs window and check out the roof.

The Maine winds kicked up, and poor Jasper found himself unable to get down. Human hands and feet would have a tough time going backward from the roof to the window. For a dog's paws, the task proved impossible. Thankfully, someone noticed Jasper's plight and called 911.

Jeff Nawfel, the captain of the local fire department, sprung into action. He reached Jasper on top of the roof and helped the four-legged explorer out from his predicament.

The husky was quick to show his appreciation, too. The video of the rescue captures the dog's reaction.

The dog started showing a lot of affection towards the firefighter. While the captain worked at opening the window, Jasper paced back and forth, wagging his tail. The dog went up to the captain and gave him a "thank you" kiss for all the work he did. The image of the dog licking the firefighter's face makes the video both humorous and poignant.

It is a good thing the fire department was able to dispatch a truck to the scene right away. While the video has its funny side, the situation wasn't a safe one for Jasper. The narrow ledge of the roof didn't give him too much room to maneuver.

The story does have a happy ending and comes with a feel-good video. Show the video to your dog-loving friends. They'll get a kick out of it for sure.