Alan Jackson Performs Country Gospel With 'Old Rugged Cross'

In the world of country music and beyond, Alan Jackson has one of those voices that we can instantly recognize. From the moment he began recording his own songs in 1988, he produced several hits and became a classic. You might remember hearing his voice on the radio growing up. He takes the country genre and handles it with a sense of purity that makes us want to hit repeat.

In this video from 2005, he sings a wonderful rendition of the old hymn The Old Rugged Cross. His take on country gospel music is amazing, as this video proves.

In 2005, Jackson began recording his first gospel album, Precious Memories. He was not sure of the reception it would get, but in the end, he was not disappointed. In Thomas Erlewine's review for AllMusic, he writes, "[T]here's no denying that this is precisely the album Jackson wanted to make, one that's consistent in tone and exact in its vision[...I]t would make a good soundtrack for a reflective, reverent Sunday afternoon." There's something comforting about hearing a voice you know sing hymns that you know: it gives you the sensation of being back at home, with all of your problems outside the door.

In this video, he sings a live version of gospel classic The Old Rugged Cross, first made famous in the '50s by Ernest Tubb. Alan Jackson looks natural singing it, as his voice had been made to sing gospel music. The Bible does say that we are all given gifts; perhaps Jackson's spiritual gift is song.

The gospel album was recorded after he made a promise to his ailing mother, as KPBS reports. She wanted him to record the worship songs that she had taught him. He obliged, first producing Precious Memories, then releasing a second part to complement it. We're sure glad he did, because he's given us a precious gift to go to when we need faith. At a time when the world is so down, we must be thankful for the things that can lift our souls.

Jackson's timeless classics have reached us all during pivotal moments of our lives, making his voice a part of our internal soundtrack. His music has made us dance and it has made us cry. He is a part of our musical history, and we hope that he will keep on producing hits for a long time.

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