Alabama's 'Angels Among Us' Is Part Of Chilling Tribute To Military Members

Jul 20, 2018 by apost team

Most of us know the country music band Alabama. Since their debut, this popular band has put out more than 30 hits that landed on the Billboard charts. We hear them on radio stations and through cover bands all over. They have often blended many varieties and sounds into the music they play; for example, they have performed rock with bluegrass to audiences around the globe. They are truly a band that has stood the test of time!

However, there is one particular song that has been a favorite of fans all over. It often leads them to tears because of it's true beauty!

“Angels Among Us” is the song that was played at Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s funeral. Earnhardt was a NASCAR legend and died during a very tragic racing accident. His death left loved ones and fans in tears. Alabama member Randy Owens believes that there are many angels among us at all times. He says that they are there to help people during particular troubling times, as well.

This song, which talks about those angels, has been praised as a blessing by many people who have been touched by the moving lyrics.

A slideshow was made containing a montage of heroic pictures with the caption, “A salute and tribute to our Armed Forces and those who support them.” With the sideshow plays this amazing hit song. Very powerful and moving images of men and women were shown to show the comparison of angels and military members. This beautiful video moved thousands to tears and really showed the word the sacrifices people make when they join the military and fight for our country.

We want you to see the video for yourself and we encourage you to keep a fresh box of tissues nearby as you do!

Did you love this video as much as we did? Do you have a military family member or friend that was lost? Tell us about it in the comments and be sure to pass this along to friends and family!