Airman Helps Senior Citizen Walking In Blistering Heat Unaware Of Bystander Filming Everything He Does

A simple act of kindness can make a huge difference in a person's life.

At 71, Janice Hall struggles to get around. Since she doesn't drive, she has to walk when she needs to shop or run errands. It's not normally a huge problem for her, but sometimes the weather makes things difficult.

One day, in particular, she was struggling. The heat and humidity in Oklahoma were worse than usual, but she still needed to do her shopping and banking.

After finishing her errands, she had two long miles to go before reaching home. The heat was getting to her as she pushed her walker -- which was filled with groceries -- along the road.

No one seemed to notice the elderly woman suffering in the dangerous heat. Then Jibril Jennings came along. Jennings, who's stationed at the nearby Tinker Air Force Base, spotted Janice as he drove. The good-hearted man couldn't ignore her as so many of his fellow drivers had.

He stopped his car and offered to help. Janice was only too happy to agree, and Jibril loaded her groceries into the trunk before driving her home. Another driver caught the moment on film and posted it online reports CBS. Millions of people have watched Jibril's selfless act and been inspired by him.

Jibril, however, refuses to call himself a hero. He humbly says that he was just reacting the way a person should when they see someone else in need.

What small acts of kindness can you do to help those in need? If you have any ideas, let us all know!