Airline Worker Says Next Person In Line Must Sing - The Man Who Grabs The Microphone Shocked Everyone

Aug 07, 2018 by apost team

We have all been a victim of having our flight delayed for one reason or another. Most times your plans end up changing and you are left to find accommodations for your current situation. The passengers of a Southwest flight were nothing less than irritated about the delay. The atmosphere in the Southwest terminal was quickly taking a turn for the worst.

The line leading up to the flight agents was backed up and though the agents were not responsible for the delay, the passengers had many questions they wanted to be answered. Having no option but to deal with the angry customers, the flight agents created a plan to lower the amount of people in the line. Over the intercom, the agents informed all passengers wanting to ask a question of the new requirement to sing a song in order to gain access to be able to ask any question about the flight alteration.

Upon setting this requirement, the agents assumed everyone would just go back to their seat. However, to their surprise there was one individual who was ready and willing to take on the challenge.

The clever plan that was devised to shorten the line and the entire ordeal was captured on camera by a passenger named Mike Vadala. Vadala shared the story and told of how there was one man willing to take on the challenge. Everyone else chose to sulk out of the line.

This gentleman did not go to the front with a question. Instead, he came with a mind ready to sing. According to Vadala the man approached the agents’ desk and retrieved the intercom. Instantly he began to sing “No Diggity”, a song popular by Blackstreet.

Mike, the passengers and others at the gate were enthralled by the intercom performance. The attitude of the crowd had completely shifted to a lighter mood and they all joined him in unison as the song came to an end.

Here is the entire interaction between those at the Southwest terminal during the flight delay. More moments like this will make the world a happier place. How would you have handled the request to sing by the agent?