Airline Tries To Refuse Two Dogs That A Soldier Rescued, So A Millionaire Stepped In To Help

When Marine Staff Sergeant Andrew Morales returned home after a tour of duty in Afghanistan, he was not alone. He had found two large dogs while on patrol, and he refused to let them stay behind. After bringing them back to California, his wife quickly adopted them as her babies. These huge dogs, which are believed to be Anatolian shepherd mixes, are so much a part of their family now that the couple was devasted to learn that they may not be able to take them when they were re-deployed to the other side of the country.

The Sad History of Two Rescue Dogs

When Morales found the two dogs, he knew enough about them to determine that they were brothers. He also believed that they likely horribly abused as fighting dogs because their ears and tails were clipped.

Being rescued from a war zone and taken to a happy, loving home in California understandably was likely one of the best things to happen to these dogs, but their tale does not end there.

Morales and his wife made plans to transport the two dogs on a plane from California to North Carolina as part of their relocation efforts.

However, he was repeatedly told by different airlines that the dogs were too large to fly on their planes. With no apparent way to get the dogs across the country, it seemed certain that these two dogs would soon become orphans and that their sad story would continue.

The couple was heartbroken, and the dogs had an uncertain future.

An Unlikely Hero Steps In

Morales did want many others in his shoes would do. He turned to social media for help. The heartbroken plea that he created on Facebook was shared many times over, and it eventually reached Helen Rosburg.

As a wealthy Wrigley Gum heiress, Rosburg had deep enough pockets to help this war hero keep his beloved rescue dogs, and she had the compassion and drive to do just that.

While it seems unlikely that a chewing gum heiress and a Marine with a big heart would ever cross paths, these two have one important thing in common. They both are passionate about animals. In fact, Rosburg established and operates the On the Wings of Angels animal shelter, and she also regularly trains police dogs.

With this in mind, it is understandable why Rosburg’s friends immediately thought about her when they found Morale’s touching plea for help on Facebook.

Rosburg did what many others lacked the capability of doing. She went out of her way to help by arranging for Morales, his wife and the two dogs to travel in a private jet from California to their new home in North Carolina.

While Rosburg declared that Morales was a hero in more ways than one, Morales likewise paid tribute to Rosburg with equally kind words.

The good news for the two dogs is that they continue to lead happy lives with their two adoptive parents.

It is amazing that the Heiress used her recourses to help these dogs. Share this with your friends and family and prove to them that there is still good in the world!