Airline Employee Rescues Two Teens From What Could Have Been A Terrible Fate

A quick American Airlines travel agent spotted something wrong when she was checking two teenage girls in at the Sacramento International Airport. Her quick thinking surely saved both teens from a possibly tragic ending.

Denise Miracle was the travel agent who was checking in the underage girls, one a 15-year-old and the other a 17-year-old. She noticed that neither one of them was being dropped off by adults and that they were not meeting another adult. Both expensive airline tickets had been purchased using a different name. Neither girl even had the correct identification needed to fly.

Denise became quite concerned and decided to follow her gut feeling. She couldn’t understand why someone else had purchased expensive tickets, yet never made sure that the girls had the right identification to fly. She called the police to check out the situation.

She also realized that the girls were texting someone on the phone. That person seemed to be feeding the girls the “right” answers to give to the agent.

Denice said that the first-class tickets were very expensive and that the situation just did not feel right to her. That is when she decided to call in the authorities. When the deputies came on the scene, they started to question why the girls were taking a trip to New York on their own. The girls finally confessed that they had been given the tickets by a man that they had met on the computer.

This man, named “Drey,” had begun a conversation with them on Instagram. He tried to lure them to New York with the promise of a modeling job for a video he claimed to be in charge of. He told the girls he would buy their tickets and that they would each receive $2,000 for the weekend.

Both girls believed that they were headed to a legitimate modeling job. They both made up a story about staying at a friend’s house for the weekend and set out to meet “Drey” on their own.

The police attempted to get in contact with the mysterious man with no luck. He then disappeared from social media entirely. Todd Sanderson, one of the deputies involved, said that all profiles were erased from social media just minutes after their attempted contact.

The police said that both girls did not realize the danger they were in. Sanderson said that they were even shocked about what they were being told.

It took a while for reality to sink in, but the girls finally began to realize the danger they had just narrowly avoided.

Both young teenagers were extremely lucky that Denise was on duty that day and wasn’t just rushing passengers onto their flights. The police officers are convinced that the girls were almost the victims of human trafficking.

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