Ailing WWII Hero Keeps Vow To Walk Granddaughter Down Aisle, Dies 2 Days Later

Just days after walking his granddaughter down the aisle, World War II hero Bronislaw ‘Grom’ Karwowski passed away. Grom escaped from capture by the Nazis during WWII. After his daring escape from the Gestapo headquarters, Grom was arrested years later and sentenced to 10 years in jail.

He was rewarded many honors regarding his heroic efforts for his country, including the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland. Grom was also awarded the Cross of the National Armed Deed and the Silver Cross of Merit with Swords. The beautiful footage captured Grom walking down the aisle with his granddaughter, Joanna, during her wedding in northern Poland. You can tell how proud he was to be included in her special day. 

“I was looking forward to this moment and I am proud I have lived to see it,” he said, according to Daily Mail.

Grom was adorned in his military gear as he walked down the aisle with Joanna. His dress uniform was heavily covered with his many medals, received for his bravery during the war.

This proud grandfather wasn’t going to let any of his ailments get in the way of this big day. While he needed a crutch to walk, he was able to slowly make his way down the aisle with his loved one. Joanna could be seen taking deep breaths to remain calm as she walked towards her new life.

Guests were in tears as they watched this emotional scene happen right in front of their eyes. It isn't often you see such a wonderful sight. Joanna’s soon-to-be-husband looked like he was fighting back tears of his own as he waited for his love at the altar.

Grom was able to shake his hand when they reached him, letting go of the crutch he depends on to do so.

The groom gave Grom a kiss on the cheek to thank him for walking his bride down the aisle. Unfortunately, Grom died two days after their wedding. Bronislaw’s passing was announced on social media by The National Armed Forces, who wrote that they regretted to inform the public that a national hero had passed on. 

Grom was 94-years-old at the time of his death. Hundreds of people expressed their condolences to Grom through posts on social media. They were eager to pay tribute to a veteran in such high standing.

Grom was an officer of the second Conspiracy if NSZ-NZW. In 1947 he became a second lieutenant. In 1948 he was arrested, put in jail, and tortured. He was released in 1953. 

Many people commented with their blessings for the newlyweds, along with their condolences for their grandfather.

We are thinking and praying for the family of Bronislaw ‘Grom’ Karwowski during this sad time. If you would like to leave your own prayers or thoughts, please do so in the comment section below. Then, pass this story on to others.