AGT’s Chapel Hart Duet With Darius Rucker Knocked Fans Socks Off

Nov 18, 2022 by apost team

Earlier this year, a country music trio from Poplarville, Mississippi, earned the admiration of the “America’s Got Talent” judges and its host, Terry Crews – finding their way to the finals along with other amazing acts from all over the country. 

Popularly known as Chapel Hart, the singing vocal group is composed of sisters Danica Hart and Devynn Hart, along with their cousin Trea Swindle. 

The trio wowed “AGT” judges when they took the auditions to sing their own version of Dolly Parton’s famous hit “Jolene.” 

Ahead of the viral audition, the members of Chapel Hart expressed their love for Parton and the reason they remixed her classic hit. 

“We just loved the storyline, and we figured, though, from 1973 to 2022, we cannot be fighting over the same man,” Danica revealed. “So we decided to tell her, ‘You can just have him, Jolene.’”

The Mississippi trio sang, “Oh Jolene, you can have him cause he don’t mean much to me. Well, I cried so much, two rivers turned to seas / Oh Jolene, when you think that he’s in love he’ll surely leave / Like he did me / You can have him, Jolene.”

The judges were so moved by their performance that each judge from the panel, including Crews, rang the Golden Buzzer for the group. This marked the second time in “America’s Got Talent” history that a contestant has received this honor.

Parton was also impressed by the group’s rendition of her 70’s classic that she retweeted Chapel Hart’s audition.

“What a fun new take on my song, @ChapelHartBand!” Parton wrote on Twitter.

But turns out fans loved their amazing take on the country classic that they asked country music star Darius Rucker to include the three in his new song to “break some more barriers in Nashville.

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Trea Swindle, Danica Hart, Devynn Hart (2022), (Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Eventually, Rucker responded with some amazing news that would become instrumental in the further success of Chapel Hart.

“Already put them on my next record,” he replied

Just a day after Rucker’s tweet, Chapel Hart sat down with TMZ and revealed that they had recorded a song with him already right before their audition aired on television and went viral. 

“It’s been so crazy, even Darius Rucker… We recorded a song with him a little while ago, so, we’ve been having to be quiet about it and he just kind of let the cat out of the bag the other day,” Danica told the outlet.

The song that they were referring to was “Ol’ Church Hymn,” where the singing trio is credited as a featured artist. Released last Sep. 30, 2022, the song was reported to be included on Rucker’s upcoming album, which is still not named to date. 

Despite placing fifth on “America’s Got Talent,” Chapel Hart has been enjoying the glory of their meteoric success after the show, thanks to praises from Parton, Rucker, and the late Loretta Lynn

According to Southern Living, the trio had already been invited and had performed at the Grand Ole Opry, receiving three standing ovations from the crowd. 

For those who don’t know, being invited to the Grand Ole Opry is an incredible feat for rising country music artists as it signifies that they have already penetrated the music scene. 

Fans have nothing but praises for Rucker’s and Chapel Hart’s collaboration, a song they have clearly enjoyed. 

“Such a good song!!! Yall sounded so good together!! Hugs and love to all!!” a fan commented.

“What a gift! Thank you. Another beautiful and inspiring song. Makes my heart sing,” another shared.

Have you listened to “Ol’ Church Hymn” already? What do you think of Chapel Hart’s duet with Darius Rucker? Don’t they sound great together? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends, and Chapel Hart fans!

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