'AGT' Couple Defies Gravity With Head-Turning Dance Performance

Jul 24, 2021 by apost team

The current season of “America’s Got Talent” has been endless entertainment, but an act during the July 2021 auditions left both the audience and the judges stunned. What started off as a typical but good performance ended up being one of the most creative dance routines the show has ever seen. A dance illusionist from Russia named Pasha was the one to get heads turning with his unbelievable display.  

Pasha began his audition speaking with the judges, and he shared that his wife, and dance partner, had missed her flight and wouldn’t be able to join him. This got a sympathetic response from the judges who agreed that the show must go on. Then something peculiar happened. Pasha walked off, and Terry Crews then wheeled out what appeared to be two mannequins onto the stage. 

The doll-like beings began to dance with an eerie sort of atmosphere. Their movements were impressive, seeming to bend and defy gravity effortlessly, although it was hard to tell if they were human or not, as their expressions never changed and they contorted into back-breaking movements at times. The entire routine was mesmerizing and came with a great reveal at the end. 

At one point the woman’s shoes are off of her feet, she’s spinning in the air, and it is still unclear if one or both of the couple are puppets. Then, as soon as the song is finished and the dance is over, Pasha reveals the great surprise, and the effect is so astounding it will get your heart racing with excitement. Read on to hear the judges’ reactions and to see the video for yourself. 

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During the performance, each of the judges had a look of delight, and at times confusion on their faces. "I loved it. That was so surprising. I've never seen anything like this," exclaimed Sofia Vergara.

Even the harshest judge had nice things to say about the performance. Simon Cowell stated, "Uh, you got us, didn't you? Yeah, we were all thinking this is gonna be terrible, and actually, it was great. It was a great surprise, I loved that."

Always the comedian, Howie joked with Pasha, "If they just tuned in, you're gonna freak a lot of little children out. I'll start you off with a yes." That yes started a trend among the judges, and all four agreed to send Pasha on to the next phase of the show. 

Simon shared, "We love to be surprised, and that's what you just did. That's why you got four yeses." Pasha looked completely thrilled, and he certainly earned the vote of confidence from Simon. His dance routine was unlike any other that has been on the show before.

The footage of the audition was put on the “America’s Got TalentYouTube page, and it already has nearly three million views. Viewers were stunned by the performance. One person commented, “Seriously, he can act in a horror doll movie that was creepy but also good. I've never seen an act like this.” Another viewer declared that this deserved to be a “golden buzzer performance.” Hopefully, we will get to see more incredible things from Pasha later in the season. 


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