‘AGT’ Contestant Lists Elvis As One Of His ‘Influences’ But Wants To ‘Pave’ His Own Way

Jun 18, 2022 by apost team

Each season of the hit competition series “America’s Got Talent” brings a fresh batch of new talent and surprising acts. Whether it’s singing, dancing, performing stand-up comedy or putting on a magic show, acts are encouraged to come and showcase their talents in front of the judges and a live audience, whatever that talent may be. Over the years, many stars have been found in the competition series, and each new season of the show has proved to be better than the last.

The current judges are Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum. With so many acts striving to make it through to the next round and receive at least three yeses from the judges, the pressure is definitely on for each act to perform.

For Drake Milligan of Fort Worth, Texas, becoming a country music star was something that he always dreamed of. During his childhood, he was a huge Elvis Presley fan and even began impersonating the late King of Rock and Roll. As he grew up, he moved to Nashville to pursue a professional music career and began co-writing with big-name country music writers, including Terry McBrideMonty Criswell and Bill Anderson.

Now, Milligan is working on making a name for himself in the music industry, bringing him to the “America’s Got Talent” auditions. He performed his own original song, but it was clear that he was inspired by some of the greats that came before him. There was no denying that his stage presence was reminiscent of Elvis, and both the audience and judges couldn’t get enough of it – even referring to Milligan as the new country Elvis!

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Milligan auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” with an original song called “Sounds like Something I’d Do” alongside a fully equipped and talented band. He wore a full denim outfit and played guitar as he sang along to his catchy track. Milligan definitely captivated the audience, as many ladies swooned over his charismatic stage presence – and the judges were equally impressed!

Mandel said:

“I think that song’s a hit. And I think that you’re a hit. You’re like the new Elvis of country.”

Milligan has been a fan of Elvis for as long as he can remember. On his website, Milligan wrote, “We all get here with a different set of influences. Mine were mainly George Strait and Elvis.” He was even discovered thanks to his love for Elvis, as music producer Tony Brown first noticed Milligan’s talent when he was impersonating Elvis in the 2017 TV series “Sun Records.”

The “America’s Got Talent” judges also saw something special in Milligan. Vergara agreed with Mandel’s sentiments, saying, “The perfect combination. The song was amazing. You are amazing. And I think America’s gonna go crazy. The girls are going crazy.”

All four judges gave Milligan’s performance a resounding “yes,” sending him to the next round of the competition. The hopeful star was overwhelmed and said, “Man, this is all – this is like everything I’ve been dreaming since I was a kid, man… I’m shocked right now, I can’t believe it.”

Even though he was compared to one of the greats in music history, Milligan is ready to make a name for himself and even has his own EP out. He said, “I can pave my own way.”


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