After Woman Suffers Stroke, Doorbell Cam Records 2 Labs Rushing Through Neighborhood For Help

by apost team

If you’re lucky enough to own pets, you know just how amazing they can be. There are stories that come out in the news each and every single day about how heroic and courageous dogs can be.

They often save their families from fires or other types of danger and are even used as K-9 police officers to fight and solve different types of crime.

Maureen Hatcher, a woman living in Florida, never knew that her dogs had the capability to be heroes.

But she was about to find out when one day while spending time in her home, she experienced a stroke. The stroke immediately sent her collapsing onto the ground and she was unable to move.

Unsure of what to do, Maureen did the only thing she was able to do. She told ABC News that she looked to her dogs, the only roommates that she had, and told them that she needed help.

Strokes can be extremely dangerous to those that suffer from them, and each moment in time matters when seeking treatment. Strokes are known for causing permanent damage to brains of those who experience them, and they can even cause disabilities that cannot be reversed.

It’s important that an ambulance is called immediately upon suffering a stroke, but Maureen wasn’t able to move to call 911.

Feeling hopeless, Maureen was nervous about what would happen next after she had been through the traumatic experience. But just in the nick of time, while sensing that their owner was in trouble, the dogs went out in order to find help and rescue their loving owner.

Pleading with them to help her, they obliged her wishes and saved the day!

Maureen has a security camera powered by Ring, and it was able to capture the amazing footage which potentially saved her life. You can see her two Labradors, named Sadie and Bella, jumping out through the front door of their home and escaping into the streets of their neighborhood to seek help for Maureen.

Once the dogs got to the street, they repeatedly barked and made yelping noises in order to try to get the attention of anyone that could help their owner.

Thankfully, their neighbor Alexandra noticed the cries for help, and as the dogs tried to lead her into their home, she followed along and was able to find Maureen. Maureen had already gone unconscious, but Alexandra was able to call 911 for her to get help.

Who knows if Maureen would have been found if it wasn’t for these courageous dogs!

This story just proves that under the right circumstances, your pets might just save your life. You can learn more about Maureen’s story in the video above. What do you think about his amazing tale? Have your pets done anything so amazing as well? We want to know - so tell us your stories in the comments below! Feel free to pass this along to your friends and loved ones.