After Vowing To Wed When They Were Preschoolers, Couple Finally Marries 20 Years Later

Oct 11, 2022 by apost team

Who could have thought that a silly preschool declaration would turn into a massive fairytale wedding? In the case of Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel from Phoenix, Arizona, their love story predates back to when they were still kids in preschool – imaginative, naive, and full of love.

According to their Instagram account thewaywemet, Matt and Laura met when they were still in school more than two decades ago. In a cute and heartwarming revelation, Matt confessed that the earliest memories he had with Laura were of him standing in front of their class and shouting to everyone that he would marry her someday. 

Surely at the time, Matt didn’t really know what being married would be like; perhaps he meant at the time was what many would consider puppy love. Meanwhile, the two grew even fonder of each other as they continued to spend more time together. 

In fact, Laura taught Matt the simplest of things – riding the swing, how to draw rolling hills and even the right way to eat string cheese. Matt also recalled having played hide and seek with her friend and even staying up during nap time while everyone else was getting their well-deserved rest. 

According to HuffPost, Matt tried to impress Laura when they were still young, hoping that Disney’s “The Lion King” lines would suffice for a cheesy pick-up line at the time. 

“I remember trying to impress her during a Cinco De Mayo celebration at the preschool where we were trying to break open a piñata. Fortunately, I was the kid who managed to do it and I assume it got her attention,” Matt confessed.

However, it was only a matter of time before they finished preschool and got separated in elementary. But surely, love moves in mysterious ways. 

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When Laura was browsing a friend's contact list, she happened to stumble on Matt’s number. Their mutual friend wanted to set them up together again in freshman year, but she refused to. 

“I was hesitant to go out with him. But he texted me, and we hit it off,” Laura admitted to The HuffPost.

After two weeks of dating, the two became boyfriend and girlfriend, and that marked their sweet and cheeky dating life throughout high school. Another hindrance came in the way of their already bustling love – as they were confronted with facing a long-distance relationship because they had to attend different colleges in different states.

Per Dr. Randy Schroeder, the author of “Simple Habits for Marital Happiness,” long-distance relationships are especially tough because you have to rely almost exclusively on communication to keep your bond strong, and that may require more work than the average relationship.

But with determination, patience, and undying love for each other, Laura and Matt managed to pull through their own college years. Until May 2015, the resilient couple hit a milestone in their predestined relationship. 

Matt, in staying true to her promise when he was still in preschool that he would marry Laura, finally brought himself down on his knees to pop the question – now with more weight, conviction, and love bursting at the seams. 

“I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day,” he pointed out. 

Eventually, Laura said yes, and the two tied the knot in 2016 in their fairytale ending. Six years later, the two celebrated the first birthday of their daughter, Lily, a sequel to their heart-fluttering love story that started as preschool puppy love.

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