After Vet Lost Thousands To Scammer, Veteran Charity Helps Pay His Rent

A veteran of the United States Air Force, Willie Boyd, faced eviction from his apartment until an Oklahoma charity stepped in. 

Willie Boyd, a veteran of the United States Air Force, is a kindhearted man who depends on a fixed disability pension. He lives on his own in a small Midwest City apartment, and he is generally happy to be able to afford the $600 monthly rent payments.

After suffering a stroke that left him unable to move around as he used to, he trusted a former building manager to withdraw funds from his ATM account so that the rent would be paid on time. Boyd assumed everything was fine, but then he received an alarming notice from the new property manager informing him that he owed $2,240 in unpaid rent and fees.

It so happened that the woman whom Boyd trusted to help him was only paying half of the rent; the other $300 went right into her pocket. This went on for a while because the new management allowed some leniency with regards to tenants who are short on cash, but this situation went on for a few months. Facing eviction, Boyd was more devastated about being scammed by a woman he thought was helping him out.

The veteran's daughter-in-law contacted KFOR, the local television news station, and the story got some attention, but once it was posted on social media, things started looking better for Mr. Boyd. A member of Veterans Corner, an Oklahoma charity based in Newcastle, saw the news story and immediately got to work.

The first step was to contact the apartment manager to get a commitment that the eviction would be put on hold. The next step was to activate the network and come up with the funds needed for Boyd to keep his apartment. The KFOR News team was there to cover this development.

 Thanks to organizations such as Veterans Corner, Mr. Boyd has one less thing to worry about in his life. Let us know what you think of how Mr. Boyd was helped. Do you know of similar situations? Let us know below and pass this on so others can also account for their experiences.